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HelloI am coming to live with my partner whom is moving with his job. We will both get residence permits but I am unsure if I will be able to get a work permit so that I can apply for jobs in Switzerland. Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I am due to start a job in Geneva (officially on Dec 8th) but from Dec 8th for 2 weeks they are sending me on training to the USA. The Swiss embassy website states that all foreign national must apply for a work visa and it takes from 6 - 12 weeks. But on the website it later seems to contradict that by stating that EU Nationals (I am British) "May stay in Switzerland and take up paid employment without the need of a residence permit for the first three months." It says "residence permit" even though this is under the work permit section. Are they the same thing? Anyway, my question really is... Can I go to Switzerland (Geneva) and register with the authorities after my training in the USA or do I need to arrange a Swiss work permit from the UK before I can go ? Many thanks, Peter.

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When buying a house in the area is the vendor required to advise the buyer of the proximity of the LHC in relation to the property?

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Hi, we are in the process of moving here, I'm lodging presently and the rest of the family will be coming over beginning November. I was wondering if any forum members can share their experience in this area. Is it better/cheaper to take out a French mutuel policy that has a Swiss 'addition' (if such exists) or the other way round? Are we required to take out two policies? My children will be going to Swiss schools but we will be living in the St Julien area. My employers have struck a deal with a swiss company to offer employees corporate rates but before I get bogged down with paperwork that could become pointless, I thought I'd post this query. You can email me on johnsinclair@ntlwotld.com Thanks, Johnny

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Hi - we are expats living in geneva, we are getting married at home and are thinking of having our wedding list in London as it is to far to get it shipped from Australia. Does anyone know if we are liable to pay import duties or tax on getting it delivered to geneva? Also any suggestions on how we find out how much it is going to cost? Thanks Laurian

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Hi.. not sure who to ask as no-one in the UK knows. I am moving to Switzerland with my new husband and 2 kids. At present their dad has to give permission for everything (holidays / schooling etc) and my husband who has lived with us for 6 years has no rights. We will need permission to leave scotland but my question is once in switzerland, which legal system will we come under.. and how do stepfamilies work legally there? Does anyone either know the answer or can please put me in touch with a solicitor who speaks english? thanks

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Hello! I'm moving to Geneva and i heard is difficult to find accommodations. Is it legal to live in France while working in Geneva?

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Does anyone know of any small family run banks in the Switzerland?

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Can anyone recommend a company that can give me advice on the rules and regulations of starting a business or being self -employed in Geneva ? Thanks

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I hear that Forth Capital are holding a wealth creation seminar soon somewhere in Geneva. I thought it could be interesting - anyone any more info on it?

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Need the pros and cons of retiring in CH to avoid some of those EU problems

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Hi ... Has anyone recently bought a house or appartment in Switzerland? Are there such things as mortgage brokers in this country? Or can you only deal with the major banks? Has borrowing criteria increased with all this US Subprime business? Any info on borrowing money in the current climate to purchase a property would help. Any advice on purchasing property in canton Vaud would also be appreciated.

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Can anyone help? We need to invest a smallish amount (by Swiss standards:) that will come from a pension fund. We don't know if we should put in property, fund etc. Can anyone recommend a company,or reliable service? I am a bit reluctant to cold call one of the ones listed here. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi I am looking for an english speaking notaire and accountant in the area. i live just inside France. I am looking for property advice and also some advice about setting up a business. thanks

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I’ve been looking on some investment companies for sometime now and I cant seem to find one I want to commit to as yet. I’ve been on this site called dealsjamaica. They’re giving me 5% interest and I can take my money out after 3 months without any penalties. I like it but I’ve never heard of them. Can someone who have done business with them please inform me about them. Or tell me if there is anything better.

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Looking for some advice on cancelling health insurance. I was mandated to take out a policy in Switzerland when I started contract work. Now that contract has finished I am looking to cancel. That's because if I am not working, I am covered on my partner's health insurance (through work). It looks like I need to give min 3mths notice, but possibly pay for up to 7 mths more fees. Does anyone have any advice on how to negotiate our way out of these fees? Can we claim back when we leave Switzerland & return to UK for example?

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Hi allI am a Canadian national, with a primary residence in Canada. I have recently sold my second residence in Belgium and will be moving to Geneva where I will set up another secondary residence and continue working as an "independente". Does anyone know what sort of documents I will need to provide the moving company in order for them to clear customs at the Swiss border. Thanks in advance!JB

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Hi All, I need some advise on this topic please :-( ...... I live in France and have my carte de séjour, I also have South African nationality. The dilemma I am faced with is that I have tried to get employment in Geneva but have been told that even though I have my carte de séjour it is still too difficult for companies in Geneva to get a Swiss work permit being of non EU nationality and therefore cannot be placed. Is this true? Does my carte de séjour which is valid for 5 years really mean nothing in Switzerland? Any advise would be greatly appreciated please Thank you Lenard

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.. Someone who gets things fixed. Here's an interesting proposition. I run a small but thriving niche recruitment consultancy. For a business that has been running less than a year it's a great success. Our clients range from small up and coming players to some of the worlds largest firms in this sector. I have already taken some staff on and now have 2 offices (London & Lyon), which are working well. However, I'd like to consider other geographical areas in order to expand our presence and start to make a real impact in this very competitive industry. We have many unique features that set us apart from competitors and which has directly played a significant part in our success. I'm buzzing with energy and I've so many ideas running through my head 24 hours a day coupled with a belief that this company is something very special and will have a global presence in the not too distant future. The plan is to take things one-step at a time and expand organically using the revenue we are generating rather than unnecessarily taking debt on board. With this in mind I'm looking at gaining another office in a new territory. Switzerland sounds good, as does Germany and this posting is the first step towards my research. My question is: Is anybody interested in partnering with me and opening another office? I have no concrete plans in place; I just know I can't be in more than one place at a time. Granted, this may sound a bit vague but let us see where we go with it and I can train the right person personally. All that’s needed is intelligence, attention to detail, plenty of energy, and integrity. Perhaps another small consultancy would want to partner with us? The possibilities are endless and I’m open to considering anything. Two important points for potential employees or partners: 1) You'd need to sign a restrictive covenant, so opportunists beware 2) I’m not looking for investment For starters this type of business can quite easily be run from home (which is how we initially started) but an office would be needed quite quickly because to compete with more established competitors additional staff would be required quite soon. I'll also gladly listen to any advice or suggestions about trying to accomplish this from anyone who's kind enough to contribute. Warm regards Dickie

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here is the scenario:4 classmates rent an apartment together and sign a contract with an agency to rent an apartment for 1 year in switzerland. after 6 months, one of the tennants has to leave switzerland to take up a job opportunity in another country. he gives the other 3 tennants 6 weeks notice that he is leaving and offers to find a replacement for his room. He Will do this by asking other classmates and advertising around campus. However, the other tennants have some issues with other classmates, and do not want him to process in this fashion, fearing that one of those undesired classmates will take the room. The person leaving has no issues with other classmates and tells the tennants they could look after looking for a replacement since they had their own selection criteria. the tennant leaving does not get involved in this, however he did offer to help from the start. upon leaving switzerland, no replacement was found. is 6 weeks notice adequate between friends renting together? should the tennant leaving be responsible for any issues after he left the apartment? as stated, a contract was signed for one year between the 4, however 6 weeks notice was given that he was leaving and he also offered to find a replacement.

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