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I am about to move to Switzerland with work for a few months. Does anyone know if you can get a 'visitor' type bank account? I know there is such a thing in the UK for Australians coming over for their gap year. It would save me loads on UK bank charges if there was.

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Hi there Was wondering if anyone could help. I am interested in setting up my own samll business / working from home. Can anyone advise me on the tax and legal implications of this before I start? Many thanks Alison

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Hi All -We're moving to Geneva shortly but we want to make sure we have all the necessary paperwork that real estate agencies or private landlords require in order to rent. Can anyone give us a list please? So far every time we've gone to look at a place we find out that we need some other document. As you all know, it's suicide not have everything because available apartments are so scarce. Below are the things I think we need but if we're missing something please let me know. 1. Visa or Work Permit2. Work Contract and Salary Info (To Prove that we have jobs)3. Three-Month's worth of pay. 4. Livre de Famille to establish French Citizenship5. Passports to establish ID6. Fingerprint (my husband's new job asked for this but hey, we have it available)Thanks

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I've just accepted a job in Geneva (which I'm very excited about) and they want me to start asap. I have a few questions though. Roughly how long does it take to get a work permit for an EU citizen and could I start without it anyway?Also where is the best place to live if you are working near the airport and don't have a car? I'm single so don't need to worry about schools but I do like sailing and golf so being near to places I could do either or both of these would be great! Also this is my first job so I'm not wealthy!!Any help would be useful :-)Mark

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Hello ! I would like advice from somebody who is in the same situation as mine. I have started a new job in Geneva, live in France and my partner is working in France (temporary position with Adecco); we have a daughter who does not go to school yet and who is looked after full time by a qualified child minder in France. As I have never worked in Geneva, the rules and laws are like Chinese to me and I just don't know what to go for regarding social security in particular and "mutuelle" that would cover the three of us. I was told the best is to keep my daughter under my social security cover (in that case, the taxes on my wage would be lower) and my partner should look for a separate "mutuelle". He has no "mutuelle" paid by his temp work and has been under my cover for as long as I have been working in France. Any suggestion on where to get a piece of info and a bit of advice ? Regards, the Irish Rover

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I am looking for a good tax accountant who can complete French tax declarations and give advice for British frontalier couple living in France (Ain) and working in Geneva.Andrew

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I recently moved from Paris to Geneva to work with an international organization here and have been approached by a representative of a company which claims to be the world's largest independent offshore advisory company and which opened a branch here not too long ago. Although they cold-called me at work and didn't explain how they got my number (which gave me pause for thought... is that even legal here?), I agreed to meet their advisor, as I need to sort out my finances and thought I might as well start with this. The advisor seemed knowledgeable/competent/straightforward, etc. and was pretty thorough with his questions about my financial background and marital/inheritence status, but since I am not financially knowledgeable and have no experience of dealing with advisors, I have no way of telling how reliable any subsequent advice from the company might be. Nor do I know if they are regulated and if their advice is in any way guaranteed. The advisor said he had 20 years experience as a financial advisor and mentioned the name of a large firm with which he said he'd been associated, but I have no way of telling whether this is true. I've checked the company's website (for some reason, they don't have any written material about themselves), and there is a disclaimer on the first page telling you that they bear no legal responsibility for any information contained in the website. There are quite a lot of references to them on the internet, and they seem to have branches in a lot of places. A couple of things I've been wondering about are: (1) can such a big company really be independent, and (2) if an "independent financial advisor" is an actual profession in the UK requiring specific qualifications, do this company's advisors have these qualifications? Does anyone know how to tell whether the company/advisor is reliable?

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Anyone buying property might be interested to know that most property in Geneva is put on the market for an asking price of 25% more than the property's market value. This is a practice adopted by real estate agents to drive prices up. I wondered about this and than did research on 12 properties (all over 1 million CHF) comparing their asking prices and what they eventually sold for. The results of sales were between 17 and 30 % below asking prices. Hope this interestng informaton helps some house/apartment buyers out there.

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According to the health insurance brochure, there is apparently a "List of Drugs" (LMT) and "List of specialties" (LS) of prescription drugs that can be claimed on your health insurance. Does anyone know where one can obtain a copy of these lists so you know when you can and cant claim your medicines?? Thanks

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Could anyone clarify how much taxes we would need to pay in Geneva or Vaud - we are a DINK couple (double income no kids) trying to work out where to live. Thanks.

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Hi, could someone recommend a local financial company dealing with offshore investments? Thanks,

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Hi, am new to this forum and I hope somebody can help me. I live in Vaud but work in Geneva. Where do I pay my taxes? Thanks a lot, Mary

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Hello, I am new to this forum and wonder if anybody can help me out. I am working on my annual tax declaration for Vaud and need some clarification regarding the treatment of offshore investment funds. My first question is regarding the capital gains taxes: I was told that there is no capital gains tax in Switzerland. Can somebody confirm that this is correct? My second question is: if there is no capital gains tax, how are my investments taxed? I am talking about the equity funds with no annual distribution of dividends or income. Any help is appreciated. Regards, jmb

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Is there any bank that has branches both in the US and Geneva? I was hoping I could open an account before I arrived in Geneva here in the states. I though HSBC would work but it looks like they don't have branches in Geneva? I'm trying to figure out a way that my US employer will be able to direct deposit checks into a US account that I can then access in Geneva with very few, if any fees (other than the expected exhange rate issue...)

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So, I'm going to be working for the WHO (paid by a US organization). I've been told they won't give me a contract until I arrive there in September and they won't start my application for a work/residence permit until they give me a contract. Can this be possible? Don't I have to have a permit before I can get an apartment? And don't I have to have an address before I can get my things shipped into Switzerland? Any advice or reassurance would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Where do I have to go to pay my TV licence? Is it up to me to pay it if I'm renting a flat or is it up to my landlord? Jimbo

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