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Can anyone tell me where we might be able to buy 'Vegemite'from in Geneva please?

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Can anyone recommend a really good Thai restaurant in the centre of the city of Geneva.

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High quality British style sausages and Hand made Bacon (made in Lyon to AS standard) are now available at The MIGROS in Annemasse and MIGROS Thoiry. The same Bacon and sausages used by Paul Bocuse at Ouest Express and that are found in some of the best hotels in the region are now on the shelves of these supermarkets. Don't miss them if you want locally sourced products made from locally scourced pork (no rusk) and home prepared spice mixes. The Bacon is rubbed with Camargue sea salt (not injected as is most often the case), and left to cure naturally. Sweetcure, nature and light smoked. Sausages are Breakfast, pork and apple, fresh herbs and bacon and onion. Bring on Brunch...

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Can anybody give the recipe for home made pancakes? thanks

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Hi, I'm looking for an Indian spice shop in or around Geneva and Vaud or 74/01 Any recomendations?? Need to start expanding my curry repertoire :-)  

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Hi!  I need a Bartender for a cocktail party I am having.  I would need him or her for 4-6 hours and we are having 25/50 guests. Can someone please help me find one?

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Hello I am flying into Geneva from Egypt and want to bring fruit mince pies I have made (pastry and fruit and nuts - all cooked). I am from New Zealand so I know for sure that this would not be allowed through NZ customs but I wondered if it is ok for Geneva as the rules are not as strict as in NZ. Can anyone clarify for me? Megan

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Hi, I have a nut allergy--something the Swiss don't seem to have. In any case, I was wondering if anyone had luck tracking down sunflower seed butter anywhere in Geneva that is nut free? I'm desperately craving some. Thanks in advance!

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Learn to whip up a tasty Indian meal from food available at the supermarkets, with two Indian teachers. Included : 1) A full healthy Indian meal (three main curry dishes (one meat and two veg), basmati rice and a raita) 2) Why and how to use the spices 3) Tricks and techniques in preparation and cooking 4) Nutritional benefits of ingredients On March 27th in the heart of Geneva, Champel from 6pm – 9pm. There will be active participation and we will all sit down at the end to taste and eat. Cooking cards are included and some additional dishes. 100 CHF. Places are limited, so please email taran.bains@me.com or call 078 638 3611 to reserve your place.

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I want to make a victoria sponge cake but cant find double cream to whip for the filling? What am I looking for on the shelves - please help. Thanks

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I've been in Geneva a few years and have always been frustrated by the lack of high quality fast food outlets. In the US and now in the UK I've seen the latest variation is mobile fast food. Entrepreneurial ventures are using trucks to take orders direct to customers, typically lunch time drive by to busy office complexes. The trend seems to be exploiting the rise of social networking to keep customers dynamically informed and primed for their visits. Question to anyone out there: do you think this concept would work in Geneva / region? PS for a link, see http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37400996/ns/business-small_business/

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ok, simple as that ( i hope ) .. who can recommend a restaurant in Ferney Voltaire or immediate surrounding area for lunch on a saturday ( this coming saturday end of feb ) our first choice "hotel du France" is no longer doing lunches le Pirate... our last couple of experiences there have not been good.Rajastan... not sure, it may be a back up but just don't feel like indian food for lunch what have I missed?.. thanks !!

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Hi I have friends coming over and am looking for a really traditional place that serves Swiss food. Anyone any recommendations?

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Where can I buy minced pies in Geneva? or even a jar of minced meat to try and make them myself? Thanks

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Can anyone recomend a place for Christmas dinner. I have lots of guests over and not enough room (or the courage) to cook for them all. Any ideas ?

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For the folks living in Lausanne - I'm looking to buy a juicy turkey for Thanksgivings. Could you kindly advise where I should look for it. I want a whole turkey around 10 kilo. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Also, any tips and tricks to host this event, suggestions for menu, link to recipes would greatly appreciated.

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My kitchen knives have lost their edge and need a professional sharpening before I can use my regular sharpening steel on them.Does anyone know a place in Geneva that provides this service?ThanksKT

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Hello, My daughter has a wheat intolerance and I cant find a shop that sells gluten free bread. Can any one help p lease? Kind regards, Steevie

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Hello, My daughter is in Switzerland at the moment and I would like to order a fruit basket to be delivered to her. Can anyone recommend a shop or service in Switzerland that offers this? It seems a good idea to me to order in Switzerland, rather than outside. Many thanks for any recommendations.

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Does anybody know which market is the most convenient to go to on Sundays? I know tehre are the following: Ville La Grand Collonge-Sous-Slaeve Divonne I have no clue which of these is the cheapest? Has anybody been? Cheers, Gabriella

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