A Brief Overview of Some Interesting Facts Related to Tattoos

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Body art, self-graffiti, fashionable ink accessories- each ofthe expressions depict a tattoo’s physical nature. In earlier days, the tattooswere controversial but now they’re widely accepted than ever. Some people evenrefer this form of body art as “trendy”. The career as a tattoo artist is alsobecoming a popular choice among the youth. Although the tattoos exist for 5000years or more, the ink art has exploded in last two decades. Are you fond of tattoos? No matter whether you’re interestedto get one from the most famous tattoo shop in Bangkok or any other location, you must seek the helpof the trusted artist. But prior to choosing a professional, you need to knowsome more interesting facts related to this form of body art. Why Do People Get Tattoos? Theindividuals get tattoos owing to a number of reasons including artisticfreedom, self-expression, attention, visual display of personal narrative andaddiction. The other reasons include sexual motivation, reminders of culturaltraditions, drunken impulsiveness, paying tribute to the loved ones and lotmore. According to some studies, almost 15-38% of individuals residing inStates opt for the long-term body arts. Tattoos were earlier considered as ataboo but now it has become more acceptable than before. What Does the Tattoos Mean? Certainindividuals get a permanent mark for life in order to honor their past familymembers and relatives or to remind them of the ancient sayings or elsereligious scriptures. Other individuals use tattoos for enhancing the sexualprowess or to feed the exhibitionist side they have.  Many individuals use this form of body art topromote their identity visually. Tattoos can even reveal more about a personvisually. With this form of body art, you can even distract people from gettingto disclose your real self. Researchon this form of body art also reveal certain interesting findings:·        Individuals withthis form of body art are more likely to involve in higher risk behaviors. ·        The women who optfor tattoos have greater possibilities to get them completely removed. ·        As per studies,the majority of the individuals who prefer tattoos or other body modificationsare generally the adventure seekers. ·        Another studyshowed that both women and men with this form of body art have higher bodyappreciation, confidence, self-esteem and lower anxiety.Butto get gratifying body arts, it is significant to consult a proficient tattooartist or a studio. If you’re interested to have an ink tattoo inBangkok, you need to choose an artist who is highly experienced in thisfield. In case, if you choose a studio, make sure that the professionals theredesign the body arts in compliance with the safety standards.


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