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My husband looks like being offered a job in Geneva. He's French and I am British and we have three children (ages 7,6 and 4) who are already in school in Brittany so they are used to the French schooling system and language. It looks too expensive for us to live in Geneva but is there a good place to live in France that is within good commuting distance of Geneva and not too pricey? (Is this wishful thinking?!) I've heard Annecy is nice but we are used to a more rural life so if there are any nice villages/small towns it would be good to know about them. I would like to have a garden! Any advice you could give would be brilliant - thank you!! FloraG


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This forum is not that active. I would suggest you post on the English Forum for more feedback.

Good Luck.

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Hi Flora,

Sure there are many nice villages in France, not far from Geneva.

I'd say look first in Haute-Savoie, next Ain.

Good luck.


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Try researching into these villages to the W and NW of Geneva; very close to the boarder: St. Genis-Pouilly, Thoiry, Ferney-Voltaire, Prevessin-Moen.
Best of luck!

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We are British but live, along with quite a number of other nationalities, in Evian-les-Bains.
From there it would not be impossible for your husband to commute daily to Geneva as many
others in the neighbourhood do. It is a thriving and friendly community hereabouts, not too big,
not too small, with many recommended schools both state and private for your children.
Everyone is polite too, which makes quite a difference from the UK. If you need any additional
information feel free to private email us.

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Try having a look in Divonnes-les-bains as well :) good luck

evianeers 1333985779 long as you do not mind living under the flightpath for Geneva Airport!

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I would look in the pays de gex area depending on what side of the lake your Husband will be working it can be a 15 commute. You can avoid the noise of the airport in pays de gex.

Please join our facebook group We have over 200 members who are parents and experienced the education system both in France and Geneva.

Best wishes

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Annecy is too far away. Try Ferney.

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Please check LE CHABLE, countryside right above St Julien-en-Genevois. You have plenty of open spaces and discovery opportunities for kids plus VitaPark nearby.

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