Luscious Tresbon Cookery and Dance

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Hi I am from India . I am a trained bharatanatyam classical dancer.I am a dance choreographer. I can teach or choreograph Indian dance for people who are interested . I am even good in cooking Indian vegetarian food . I am interested in teaching cookery ( indian snacks , sweets and dishes ) classes in person. If interested, please contact me any time :)Dance is an art ....we can dance for keeping our mind relaxed , to keep our body fit .....etcenjoy the rhythm of life through dance have a nice day :)feel free to contact me @


Lava-Shan-873717 1478255623

Cooking - ingredients will be provided 

You can enjoy the prepared food with your family :)

Dance - can learn on regular basis or even I can choreograph a song for any program/function/competition

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