Mobile network operators in Switzerland

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I started with MBudget pay as you go and found the network and prices pretty good, just over 6 months ago I went on a contract with Orange as I needed an upgrade / e-mail on my phone etc. for work.   Since then I have had nothing but problems: the coverage in my flat is terrible (400m from Geneva train station), I constantly get messages saying I have missed calls and I have had extortionate roaming charges - 14chf / minute on one call!! The customer service is very bad too- I have complained several times but not been refunded the charges. Every bill comes to about double my monthly plan price (mostly due to roaming charges, I travel a few days per month)   After my 3rd complaint about the network Orange finally admitted there is a problem close to my home and agreed to release me from the contract with no cost. It is such a relief to be rid of them though I am waiting for the change back to MBudget now and won't believe it's the end of the problems until I have switched over and paid the final bill.   In short- if you are deciding which network you want please save yourself a lot of problems and avoid Orange. Swisscom / MBudget is great, I've heard decent reports about Sunrise too. Also beware of Lebara / Lyca etc -the per minute rate is great but they charge a "call set-up fee" for each call- typically 28 cents so fine if you talk to someone abroad for an hour, not so good for a series of 20 second calls to other swiss phones.

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