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Hi all,Can anyone suggest venues where I could raise funds for charity by selling beaded jewelry?The charity in question is the Norrie Disease Association (NDA) (registered charity based in Illinois, USA). They are working very hard to try and push forward research which may one day lead to a cure for Norrie Disease (ND). You would not know what ND is – neither did I before my son was born – so let me just say that it is a rare genetic disorder and it is one of the leading causes of deaf-blindness. Since it happens as a result of a genetic mutation, cases of ND exist in every country in the world.I have been involved with jewelry making as a hobby for many years. I have also taken part in jewelry making workshops in Créateliers. Last year I had set up a stall at the Bellevue Christmas market and it was this which made me think of using my hobby to raise funds. So now I’m wondering if there could be an opportunity to sell elsewhere as well (I mean during the other 11 months). Also, I would be donating every single penny from sales (+ part of the cost of materials as well, as my contribution) to the NDA so I’m also wondering if someone would be kind enough to not charge an exorbitant amount for the table/stall (which is sadly the case at Christmas markets).I have attached photos to show the kind of things I make. Sorry for the rubbish quality of pictures, it's not my thing :-(Thank you for any help/advice you may be able to provide!


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Sorry, I meant to attach some photographs but couldn't find a way to do so....

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