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Good day to all, We are a family of 4 moving to Geneva. I have read many discussions on this forum which have been helpful My future employer is paying for all my move apart from a relocation agent. We are having the usual problems of homes and schools and are considering a relocation agency As I am paying myself, I am looking for a reasonably priced agent if anyone can recommend me please for house and school search Thanks in advance Cormac

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PaulThomas34 1345062652

Hi Cormac,

We're a British couple who have been living in Geneva for the past 7 years but we are about to move to Singapore (for a few years). We have a beautiful 3 bedroom house, with swimming pool and large garden, that we are looking to rent. Would be perfect for a family of 4 ...!! If you are interested than just let me know your e-mail and I'll send you more information. Given we 'found each other' directly you would not have to pay any agency fees at all. We, however, would pay for an agency to sort the contract, check-in inventory etc so that everything is done properly and legally (and my company will pay for this as they are moving me to Singapore!)

Otherwise, the best way to find property here is to search the internet:,, are all good (that's how we found our house). Also forums such as this and WRS (the local English speaking radio station). You then just contact the person on the advert and even if it is an agent normally you don't pay them, the landlord does. You don't need to pay an agent as all they do is search the internet for you.

Hope it helps, and good luck moving here, it's amazing and I'm going to miss it so much!


Vandt_u 1345192855

Hi Cormac,

It's a nightmare finding housing in such a tight market. Make sure you're aware of (and join) ASLOCA ( - l'association des locataires [renters]) for legal advice on housing if you need it. They have lots of advice available (including brochures in English) on exactly what to expect and how to go about things (be careful of the sometimes highly inaccurate rumours which fly around).

We've just managed to find an apartment and it ended up being direct with the owner, but we were also shown a place by Raymond Harmeling Nice Dutch guy. We didn't end up taking the apartment he showed us, not least because it was in the wrong area for our daughter's school. Agents' finding fees are usually the equivalent of one month's rent. And they do have access to stuff that you won't find on the internet. Lots of apartments never make it onto even the internet pages of the regies (the property agents).

We also tried with but they didn't even get back to us!

Good luck.

cormac-155476 1345194018

Morning Edwina,

Thanks very much for your response. I would indeed be interested in reading more information about your house. Could you be so kind as to send me the details to

I have lived in Switzerland before but in Basel which is clearly different. We are sad to be leaving our home in Madrid but I have heard nothing but good things about Geneva!

Best of luck in Singapore. I lived in Asia for three years and loved it. I am sure you will be happy there

Kind Regards

cormac-155476 1345194393

Thanks a mil,

I have received alot of advice from many kind people I dont even know . Even some from ex relocation agents who have advised me to try and do the home search alone as I have 95 pct acess to properties as most agents have. We are over August 27-29 and I have already got 5 viewings for houses, so I am feeling more relaxed about the issue

Thanks again for your comment

Kind Regards

ADWEBER 1346879105

I am just selling my house in Athenaz right now, I am leaving soon to Bordeaux Area.

If you are interested, let me know, I will send you some pictures.


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