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We are leaving Switzerland at the end of April and wanted to know if anyone knows where to dispose of or donate used furniture/electronics that we have not been able to sell. contact

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Cara-135001 1207557699

Put an announcement on and people will come running to collect your unwanted goods for free.

Alison_w 1208281910

Hi there

you can always advertise on the WRS website, people will come and take it away from your house, or there is Caritas (in Lancy I think!) or Emmaus (in Carouge) that you can leave items with



RoseGay 1352730896

But, if you don't speak French, good luck!  None of these will help you if you can't speak French.  


Lidian Shark 1360615000

Caritas will come to your house and pick up furniture which is in good condition. Emmaus may also.

AnnaC-154318 1362077463

If you post it on on a forum or as an 'évent' on a specific date people will come and take it directly.


Melle-145833 1362956135

Hi There is an association we used called Emmaus they come and collect and give to local charties and areas of need. They were great and were very pleased with all our sofas, chairs, dog kennels, TV etc.. They were great and just book an appointment they will be plesaed to help. Thanks Melle

IF you have any Tupperware I can dispose of that for you they will recycle it. Thanks. 

trickyt 1363272909

It's not that easy to give stuff away or sell it if they are bulky items.  A couple of years ago i bought a 3 piece suite second-hand.  I paid 300 francs.  It also cost me around 70 francs for an external transport company and two men to carry it down and drive it 10 minutes to my home and to carry it up to my appartment.

It was much better quality than Ikea quality because the frame was made of solid wood.  I think the new price would have been around 3000 francs.  When I finally decided to upgrade to a brand new Roche Bobois leather sofa suite (6000 francs) I advertised the old one on glocals classifieds.   The old three piece suite was in excellent condition so i tried to recuperate my purchase price of 300 francs.  Not one call came in.  Every few days i reduced my price., also offering buyers the possibility to take just an armchair for 20 francs or just the sofa for 50 francs.  The ad ran for weeks, refreshed regularly, but there was not one call or even enquiry.  In the end i had to put it out with the trash. (You must call your town hall to make an appointment for them to pick it up before you do this.)

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