Where to retire?? switzerland USA Italy or other?

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HelloI'm a divorced American woman who early retired from the United Nations over a year ago.  I am really struggling with where to live now.Switzerland is lovely esp in the summer, and safe, but my kids have both left the country now, one to USA the other for a job in Romania. They have 3 passports. I only have the American passport and currently a permit B. I had a lot of social contact through work before. Now I struggle to make good friends here, although I always try to reach out.  People are just not that open I find.  I live in Coppet where most people are busy with their work, families or couple and feel quite lonely.  I am an extrovert by nature. I am considering either moving back to the USA or possibly trying a reunification with my Italian ex boyfriend in a small town in northern Italy.Any thoughts on where is better  a small city in Northern Italy, the USA or staying here?  Is it easier to make friends in the USA?  My french is passable, my Italian non existant.  It is nice to just speak and write in English. Being retired I am on a lower income than before and it is challenging to make ends meet.I do love nature, swimming, dancing, yoga, movies and trying new things.  I really like having a group of friends to meet up with.Any thoughts on this?  I realise it's a personal choice but I can't quite figure it out, so thought I'd ask for your input.many kind thanks

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If you decide to stay here for the quality of life, there are lots of active groups for doing things. Meetup, Glocals, expat groups. Facebook has groups for hiking for example. 

The US would be a lot cheaper and it’s easier to meet people, but after life here you’ll have to choose carefully where you go - we’re spoiled here. 

Hannah in Lausanne - 0787681695 if you want to chat. 

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I live nearby, sort of...(Annemasse) (Leman Express has sprung into life, which is good) feel a bit isolated too, do you want to make contact , maybe we meet up sometime.



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I just joined Angloinfo so have only seen your message now.  What did you decide to do in the end? I'm in a very similar situation to you so If you are still in Coppet (I live close by), let me know if you would like to meet up

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