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Help! I am trying in vain to find an online listing of post office locations, and recycling centers, in Geneva. Does anyone have a link, or know what city admin office to call for this information? Please reply by email. Thank you... Pina / slimpmz@gmail.com

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I am British and I'm trying to find information to get my husband his visa to travel to UK to visit my family. I was wondering if he can get a multiple entry visa so its easier for frequent travel. Is this possible? I cannot seem to find this information on the official website or a contact email to pose the question! There is a contact number but trying to avoid calling!! Thanks,

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Hello everybody, I am new to the forum and I am happy to have found it as I think it might help me with many questions.I have recently inherited a property in a village on the outskirts of Geneva and I am looking for advice on the best way to manage it as I live outside Switzerland.I am divided between renting or selling the property. The property is split into 2 apartments and one of them has tenants living there for the past 25 years.What kind of legal problems can I run into if I decide to sell it? Who could I speak to about the legalities of it?looking forward to hearing the forums opinions and advices.

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Guitar and piano lessons available for different levels and ages. For further details, please contact Professor Moudja Bouzouzou at: +41 (0)78 822 0026 or moudjamusic@gmail.com

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Guitar and piano lessons available for different levels and ages. For further details, please contact Professor Moudja Bouzouzou at: +41 (0)78 822 0026 or moudjamusic@gmail.com

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I wonder if anyone can help I am looking for english speaking flute and saxaphone teachers for my 11 year old pleaseWe live in the Cologny area

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Hi, my partner and I are coming to Geneva for a long weekend in October as we are planning on relocating there after Christmas of this year. We want to stay somewhere between Geneva and Lausanne as these are the two regions we are considering for the relocation. I was wondering whether anyone knew of a Gites/ Bed and Breakfast near Geneva / Nyon / Lausanne that is available for a 2 night stay. October 7th - 9th for 2 people. In the region of 80euros per night per room with or without breakfast. If anyone should know, please let me know.

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Dear fellow AngloInfo Members: I would like to kindly reach out to the AngloInfo community to ask for any information and or advice on how practical to live in Divonne les Bains, France and use public transport to travel to Nyon, Swiss and Geneva airport on a regular basis?Also, any advice on how to find a apartment in Divonne les Bains would be greatly appreciated!Thanking you all in advance for your support and I look forward to hearing from one and all!Sincerely,Nick

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Wanted: Hi does anyone know if there is a service to help with registering newcomers to all the utilities that come with a new home? Mainly looking at Electricity, Gas, Water, Post and Telecomms - difficult to get this done efficiently when working - any ideas most welcome, thx!

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I am renting a house in Carouge and I am using copious amounts of gas - with the bills to prove it; I use it only for hot water and I am looking for someone to come and check the system for me.The usage is abnormal and the landlord is not being terribly helpful. Nick

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We advertise our holiday apartment on the UK Owners Direct website. This site is very good and we have plenty of hits and bookings. Can anyone recommend an equivalent Swiss or other non-UK website?David & Franziska Scotson

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Please, can someone tell me where can i see mother care for childern in Geneva or they web site please.please let me know and God bless you all. vivian

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Hello,My wife and I are in need of a French tutor. We have been taking lessons, but wanted to get more practice. We were thinking that Tuesday and Thrusday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. We could either pay for the tutoring or trade with English.Thanks

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Hello,We are leaving Geneva and moving to Toronto. I was wondering if anyone could help us find out more about shipping furniture via boat as well as transporting extra baggage via cargo plane..? Can we do this out of Geneva? Does anyone happen to the cost to do all of this? We have so much to do and don't even know where to begin..! Thanks so much for your help,Judy

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Hi We are movingn to Commungy in August from Scotland. I have two boys ages 13 and 5 coming with us and another son 18, who is staying at uni in Edinbugh. The boys have been accepted at College Du Leman and we are waiting to hear from Le Chat. Just wondering if there is an expat community there, or anyone that can help with making a decision on the schools. Or any info on the area shops, supermarkets, doctors, any sports centres for mum's etc? Our relocation agent wasn't able to help me with the nitty gritty of moving to a new community, or Country, as anyone out there that has done this a few times will understand. Any advice welcome. Thank you

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We are in the process of completing our move from Canada to Geneva. Moves are difficult at the best of times and changing continents even more so. Without our relocation agent here in Geneva, we could never have done everything in the time we had. Most of the relocation agencies that we tried to contact did not seem very interested in our business and most only put us on a mailing list. Joshi at Silverline Relocatons http://www.silverline-relocations.com/ saved us, to say the least. Everything from scheduling looking at a large number of apartments in a short period (around 20 over a week, which we understand is very difficult to do in Geneva), dealing with the Canton on residence permits, furniture rental, setting up phones, TV and internet to helping register our daughter in school. Joshi helped us through all of it. All this was done at a much more reasonable price than most of the other relocation agencies. Our recommendation for Silverline Relocation Services is our way of thanking Joshi for a job that was over and above what we expected.Feel free to respond to this post if you want more detail of our experience with Joshi and Silverline Relocation Services.Chris and TammyCanadian ex-pats

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Does anyone know the cost for having a cleaner to do the cleaning for handover of our apartment of 3.5 rooms, 96.5 m² living space? Cheers

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Hello I'm getting married in September and I'm looking for a London Black Cab as a wedding car.. or even just to rent for a day (my father is black cab driver in UK but wont bring taxi all the way here...).Any ideas?ThanksL

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I am patient, reliable, very sociable person with an acute passion for teaching. I am a university student and have studied Arabic for many years. My Arabic classes are structured to help students move up next level and gain confidence. I offer one to one lessons at different levels for women and children. Specialising in conversation and grammar. Lesson plans have been drafted for beginners and intermediate level. I absolutely love satisfaction i get from passing on knowledge in innovative and exciting ways, therefore i always ask the students before starting sessions the learning style they prefer.

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Hi, I'm moving home to South Africa soon and I would like to send some excess baggage over before leaving. Does anyone know of any companies who could ship over a few boxes of clothes etc from Geneva to South Africa please? Thank you very much.

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