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Hi, I would like to either start a crafts group, or join an existing one, in geneva. The idea is simply to meet up once or twice a week and spend some time together doing whatever craft-y activity one is into. Mine is jewelry making but it could be quilting, patch-work, whatever. Each person could do whatever is their passion. I love beading but sitting around alone is kind of de-motivating. I would be happy to have it at my place for a small group (4-5 people, postcode 1203). No charge, tea/coffee supplied gladly:-) Anyone interested? M.

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I'm looking for English Speaking Doctor in Annemase/ Etrembieres/ St. Julien/ Veyrier Geneva.

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Check out the food and drinks blog for details of the high quality locally made British-style charcuterie now available at Migros Annemasse and Thoiry.

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Hello everybody,  Are you looking for an item that is not available in Switzerland?  Would you like to explore wider variety of products to make a better choice?  IshopinUSA offers Swiss consumers seamless service for e-shopping in the USA: US address, shipping, Customs and VAT clearance as well as home delivery in Switzerland. Register with www.IshopinUSA.ch for free and get your shipping address for online shopping. Check out our prices and more info on our website www.IshopinUSA.ch  

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my granddaughter has decided she needs a piano..to learn to play!does anyone have a learners piano to sell or dispose of!?

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is it ok to live in this country and not try and learn 1 of the languages? I know people all have different jobs and are in different circumstances, but is it really ok to live here and make no effort at all to learn 1 of the languages? Even if just here for a short time, surely everyone should try?! I am not saying people need to be fluent, but is it not just basic respect to try and make an effort in the Country's language, and not expect everyone to speak English?

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Hello everybody! I was wondering if any of you could help me with the current research I'm conducting. University assigned me to research and collect all the possible data about retirement homes in Geneva and its area. If any of you had a chance to encounter such facility, could be so kind and share your insights about it with me? Thank you in advance! Have a lovely day!

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Hello everybody, I am of a Moroccan origin but live for the moment in Madrid. I will be moving to Geneva for good in a couple of months to join my husband and settle down there. As a teacher of English as a second language and translator(Arabic/spanish/french to English), I am currently looking for a job there for the new academic year. Any suggestions of reliable websites or companies where I can apply? or some useful contacts for potential employers? Also I would like to get to meet new people in Geneva to exchange experiences and interests. Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you all. regards, Nadia  

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Hi I am a breeder of Dexters in Gers, France. Could some one tell me a Swiss site, the equivalent of LaBonCoin.fr, for selling stock. Could you PM me. Thanks GreenMan Dexters, Mirande, Gers, France.              

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Hello im Mae lyn Guevarra came from Philippines but currently living now in Norway as an Aupair. Im going to finished my contract by last week of May 2015. I am looking for a fulltime job or live in Nanny.i been working more than 4years as an Aupair so that i have many  experience especially taking care of children.If you want more information about me just feel free to send me a message.here`s my email add. maelynguevarra29@gmail.com Big regards! Maelyn :)

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Hello all, I'm a Zurich-based writer, editor and education consultant looking to make the move to Geneva for personal and professional reasons. I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with some information on business networking events around the city that might be of use. I should also say that I will be in Geneva on the 12th and 13th of March. Many thanks in advance for any information you can offer. Regards, Adam

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Hello, can anyone recommend a good ...proactive...english speaking therapist, to help with some phobia issues, in the Geneva area. please either reply here or email me.thank you

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Can anyone recommend a good counselor or naturopat who could help with stress-related anxiety problems? Many thanks.

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Conversation sessions with a French native speaker, fully qualified experince teacher. From the comfort of your home or office, all you need is a good internet connection and a Skype account. Either individually or in pairs, for your personnal interest or professional needs, the conversations are adapted to the levels and topics you require. From 15 minutes to 1 hour sessions to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar skills. The best way to lear a language is to practise regularly. Don't hesitate to contact me for an informal chat.

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Hi all, We are looking to sell a 2 bed apartment in a village 6 miles from Evian. I wonder could anyone recommend an estate agent that might sell in that area that is helpful and speaks good English? Many thanks   Matt

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I would like to know the best place to advertise a property maintenance business other than here on Anglo Info. I am aiming mainly for ex pats.

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I'm visiting my mother and she mentioned she receives a lot of sales phone calls which are very irrritating.  Is there a Swiss equivalent to the TPS in UK where you can opt out of receiving such calls?

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Calling all IB teachers, Elite IB Tutors is a leading International Baccalaureate tutoring company based in the UK. We offer residential tutoring to IB students in London and online tuition to those around the world, including Russia, America, Spain, Poland, Dubai, Sweden and Ireland. 2015 offers new opportunities as we are expanding our business to Switzerland and are looking for recent Swiss IB graduates to join our tutoring team. To be considered for the position, we expect our tutors to: Have prior tutoring experience of IBDP and/or MYP students An outstanding academic record, and ideally will have completed the IBDP themselves Contact us via private message or by emailing contact@eliteib.co.uk directly. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Elite IB Tutors http://eliteib.ch/

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Hi! We arrived in Geneva just over 2 weeks ago. My husband works in Geneva and will be paying  Swiss tax. As we cannot afford the rents in Geneva we are considering making the classic move across the border to live in France, namely Thoiry.  It seems however that both France and Switzerland are now making this harder and harder for people to do.     I have 2 questions/issues:-     1. Does anyone have any good recommendations or first hand experiences of giving birth in hospitals on the France side?     2.  We are waiting for final confirmation from various Healthcare providers in Switzerland but it now looks problematic and impossibly expensive to take out Swiss insurance as a "frontalier", even with just Lamal.  Is anyone else is the same situation or can anybody offer advice or know how or where I can get proper advice on this matter?       Many thanks     Alison Petty                                                                                            

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Ok this might be a bit premature but myself and some friends are planning a weekend break in december to do some christmas shopping! Geneva is one of the destinations on our wish list as it will be snowy and christmassy and there are great flights from most airports in the UK. Is it worth the trip? is the shopping good there?

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