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Hi I'm using an English keyboard and don't know how to write the tilde on the n, o and a, Can anyone help? Marine

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I am working in an office at the moment where the air conditioning is constantly cranked up to the highest setting, despite feeling a little chill from this, i am also finding it more difficult to take deep breaths and my mouth is always dry. is this a common side effect of air conditioning and are there any measures i can take to make it more comfortable, given that nobody else in the office seems to be suffering? Jen

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Which are the best beaches / outdoor swimming pools in the area? Jimbo

started by: Mark-133964 · last update: 1150886097 · posted: 1147276392

So, i've finally been out running to train for the Lausanne marathon. For the first ten minutes it's great, but after that I'm BORED. I keep seeing all these bladers and runners with their iPods and Mp3's and I was wondering which one is best. Do either of them have radio and how much music can I store on them. I need something with lots of memory so I can change music regularly. Any recommendations? cheers Mark

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Do the banks in Switzerland offer online banking services in English? Thanks

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Am I right in thinking that it's Father's Day in England on Sunday? If so how and what can I send in such a short space of time? Mark

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Hi,  I have recently made strawberry jam, not for the first time.  However, this time has been a disaster, followed the same recipe as usual, but all the strawberries are floating at the top and the bottom is very runny! Anybody got any explanations? (I used a jam thermometerso setting point was reached!Michele

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I need to fit some sort of security around the swimming pool and i'm hesitating between a fence and an alarm. Some people tell me that the alarm goes off all the time if there are animals or birds that go and venture near the pool. Is this true? i really don't fancy an ugly fence in the middle of the garden but I don't want to get up every 10 minutes in the night to turn an alarm off Any advice?

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I need to get something from Ikea which costs around €200 (300CHF). I live in France about 30kms from the Ikea in Aubonne so it is more sensible to go there rather than drive all the way to Lyon. It is rather a bulky item so would be plainly visible in the car and sods law says I'll get stopped. Does anyone know what value of goods I can bring into France from Switzerland without having to go through the hassle of reclaiming the VAT from Switzerland and paying it in France at the border? If I take two people in the car can I split the allowance between us or would it be on separate items rather than the total? Any ideas?

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Does anyone know if there are tours of the leading watch makers in Switzerland (say Rolex in Geneva) ? I would be very interested to see how they go about creating these masterpieces.

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Do the Swiss make wine? Can anyone help?

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Hi I'm moving house in 3 weeks time, and my husband and I were going to just rent a van and do it ourselves, as we're moving from furnished accommodation so we don't have much.  But seeing the amount of boxes we have I really can't face it! Can anyone recommend or know of a removal service for small loads, and at short notice. I really should have planned this better, moving is so stressful! How it is possible to accumulate so much stuff in such a short space of time? Jo

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Does anyone know where and when there is an outdoor market in Lausanne? Thanks Jo

started by: May-133976 · last update: 1149174861 · posted: 1146735833

Does anyone know of a good health food / organic shop? I'm trying to get hold of natural vitamins but I'm having great difficulties. Thanks

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Hi everyone anyone know where i can get my hands on a QWERTY keyboard? the french type is driving me crazy! Jen

started by: Jimbo-133979 · last update: 1149080800 · posted: 1148895641

I studied French in school but since I've been here I'm really struggling and realise that my French is woefully inadequate. Can anyone recommend good French lessons or even an immersion programme in Geneva. Thanks

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Following a great meal a few nights ago I have decided that it is now my turn to create some wonderful Asian food. However, I am in search of a Chinese/Asian supermarket where I can get hold of the authentic ingredients, and any ideas for what to cook would be great too! PS I am willing to travel to find a good one!

started by: jen-133981 · last update: 1149014996 · posted: 1146754477

I have heard it's possible to get some english channels on the television whilst living in Switzerland - does anyone have any information on this? i'd love to catch up with corrie once in a while!Jen

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Hi, Does anyone know of any British painters/decorators based in the area? Thanks, Jonny Wake (+33 6 64 04 33 27)

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Does anyone know how much it will cost me to get my birth certificate translated into French? And what is the easiest way to go about getting it done? charlie

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