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Does any know if there are places like Specsavers here where you can get your eyes tested and lenses all at the same time or do you have to go to a different place for your eye test?

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Hello I stopped getting any post for a month in April except for supermarket vouchers etc and put it down to Easter, strikes, bad postal service etc until my unemployment benfits stopped. When I rang the Assedic they said that they had had a returned letter stating that I didn't live at the stated address anymore. I explained that I did, rang the post office who said sorry, there is a new postman, not to worry, they'd sort it out. Since then I've been receiving my post but: Mise en demeure, bailiff letters for non payment, my family allowances have been suspended and I no longer have social security and so on and so on. I rang the post office again, same guy as last time who told me that in fact a "Monsieur" had come to the Post Office 2 months ago and said that Mme X no longer lived at that address and to send back all her mail to the sender. Apart from wondering who this Monsieur is, I would like to know where I stand legally, the head of the P.O. said he could only do something if I had proof that letters had been sent back, ie that I show a letter stating "Return to Sender". Not sure sure how I can do this as I DIDN'T GET those letters as they were returned to sender! Also, don't the P.O. need some sort of ID to stop post being delivered and not just some weirdo who wanders in saying "Don't deliver to her anymore". Anyone any idea concerning my legal position, should I report it to the police? (Apparently mail theft is a criminal offence in France and the mysterious Monsieur in question has in some way stolen my mail) In between time I have lost a lot of time (and money) trying to sort this out - and it's not finished. Thanks

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2 flights Nottingham - Geneva June 8th offers please World Cup 2006

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Hi there Have you seen these posters yet, they are brilliant, I thought a really good, striking way to get the message accross, then I found this article and the fact and figures are really frightening....

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Is this a holiday in France or not? I have been trying to find out if it is a national public holiday or not this year? Is there any government information about this? I know that my girlfriend has a holiday in Switzerland but wil I have one in France?

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Hello ! Anyone knows about VOIPCHEAP, VOIPBUSTER, NETAPPEL, SIP ? I am already using VOIPBUSTER and SKYPE, but these only cover for free my phonecalls to Ireland, Switzerland and France - they are not free to the UK Which one should I go for and will this new software not be harmful to Skype or Voipbuster ?   Thanks for your help  the irish rover

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Having lived here (on the French side) for years I have eventually got round to doing my personal admin and need to get my birth certificate translated. Has anyone done this before? The lady mentioned going to the marie.... How much should one expect to pay? Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good Indian restaurant in the Geneva area or just across the border?

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Hello everyone, Would like to know if there is anyone living in Evain or the surrounding area. I'd be interested in knowing anything about the city or the region,i.e. cost of living,weather ,medical care and most of all, how difficult did you  integrating ,if at all? The reason I ask this is because my French at the moment is far from fluent. I'm working very hard on it but wonder if people in the area tend to be accepting of those not so fluent!   p.s. I will be retired and will not need to seek employment. Thanks, Dee

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i have some friends coming to visit next week - they want to do a cruise of the lake, perhaps with some lunch and hopefully some wine included! does anyone know if i can do this and where abouts to get on from? all replies will be gratefully received! Jen

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I have heard a rumour that once every three years the fountain jet d'eau is turned off for repairs - is this true? if so when is the next turn off scheduled as i don't want to plan for any visitors at that time! Jen

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Hi I'm soon to be moving to geneva from the States for my work and I wondered if it was worth me bringing over my electrical stuff or if i should sell it and buy new things when I get there. Anyone any advice concerning televisions for example? thanks

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Hello All I would like to enquire about opening a Swiss bank Account. Do you have any banks that will speak English?

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Congratulations on another fab site! I have just had a look at the traditional gifts one would give for a 15th anniversary and it looks like clocks and watches are a traditional choice, and how appropriate for the 15th AngloINFO, and the first in Switzerland! When is the toblerone anniversary, that's what I want to know!

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