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Hi! We arrived in Geneva just over 2 weeks ago. My husband works in Geneva and will be paying  Swiss tax. As we cannot afford the rents in Geneva we are considering making the classic move across the border to live in France, namely Thoiry.  It seems however that both France and Switzerland are now making this harder and harder for people to do.     I have 2 questions/issues:-     1. Does anyone have any good recommendations or first hand experiences of giving birth in hospitals on the France side?     2.  We are waiting for final confirmation from various Healthcare providers in Switzerland but it now looks problematic and impossibly expensive to take out Swiss insurance as a "frontalier", even with just Lamal.  Is anyone else is the same situation or can anybody offer advice or know how or where I can get proper advice on this matter?       Many thanks     Alison Petty                                                                                            

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Ok this might be a bit premature but myself and some friends are planning a weekend break in december to do some christmas shopping! Geneva is one of the destinations on our wish list as it will be snowy and christmassy and there are great flights from most airports in the UK. Is it worth the trip? is the shopping good there?

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Dear All, Me and my wife are moving soon to Geneva. I have a job, but she will not be working for a while as she doesnt speak english nor french. She is working here in the country we are currently living in.   My question is, if we will move, will she be eligible to register in the Swiss unemployment office and will she be receiving some money? We are married.   Thanks fot your support!

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good wedding fairs in the area? I am a florist who recently moved here with my husband, and would like to display my work at some fairs!

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I'm looking for places to do shopping online here in Switzerland, especially second hand stuff, like Craigslist or eBay. Where do you guys shop online for new or used stuff?

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My brother, Fergus McInnes, went missing in Geneva on Tuesday 9 September 2014. He arrived on a flight that morning from his home in Edinburgh, Scotland, in order to attend a work conference in Martigny. He was supposed to be meeting colleagues on Tuesday evening for a meal but he didn't turn up at the rendezvous point, and when they enquired at his hotel they found that he hadn't checked in. He failed to turn up for the conference the following day, and was not on the return flight he had booked to Edinburgh on Thursday 11 September. The last definite sighting of him is on CCTV footage at Geneva airport, where he purchased a train ticket to Martigny. There is no evidence that he got on the train, or that he reached Martigny. After receiving witness statements from people who claimed to have seen Fergus, Swiss police searched areas around Martigny, but nothing has been found. He seems to have completely vanished. His mobile phone, which was switched off for the flight, has not been switched on since he left Edinburgh. He had a small suitcase with him, in which we believe he carried a work laptop and a few clothes.  Fergus was first reported missing to Scottish Police, and their enquiry is ongoing. It has since become a separate Swiss investigation and the police are appealing for information. If you can help, please contact the Swiss police, thank you. A missing person profile has been created on the Missing Abroad website, here: http://www.missingabroad.org/missing-profile/fergus-robert-mcinnes  

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Hi Folks Do you know any playgroups or any activities for English speaking kids?ThanksAynur

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I have had the worst experiences with Geneva taxi drivers, ever. Having taken 100s of taxis in cities all over the world, geneva rates the worst and most expensive for the abusive service one gets. I understand that it can be stressful to drive taxis, but their repeated bad behavior is inexcusable. I believe, however, they behave with impunity. The fault may be more around law enforcement. In out her countries they would not hqve so portly since they would experience severe repercussions. A month ago, when I was about to safely make a left turn, a taxi came from nowhere behind me and yelled expletives. He slowed his car down, came close to me and spit on my face. I have had taxi drivers. Refuse a short cab drive, which I needed after injuring my leg. A few days back, I took a cab home from the airport. requested a blank receipt since I had not received a receipt from the taxi driver who took me to the airport which I needed to submit to claim for work. He said sure, but I noticed something peculiar since he didn't do it. I asked a few times and said sure, but he came to my door. So i took the receipt myself, since he said I could have one. He then began the assault. I was shocked after my 22 hour flight from across the wold, half awake. I found myself fighting off the taxi driver, yelling for help and for the police. I couldn't understand his language which was neither French or English. He then took my carry-on bag and put it back in his trunk. Was I on another planet? The people around came up to help. They tried to block his car. He tried to close his trunk with my bag in it, on my arm, I have a bruised arm. The neighbors said they would call the police and he said, 'call police.' They even tried to block his car as one made a call for the police. He appeared un-provoked. Then he honked his horn until they removed their car. He left. . Where I come from that kind for assault and battery is against the law. But, they seem to behave with impunity in geneva. Advice:1. Do these drivers have some deal going with the police? Why would they behave this way? If they are able to act with impunity, why use a system that doesn't function?2. It it worthwhile going to the police? I am told that I need to go to the doctor and get a note from the doctor. 3. Any others experience such here abusive behavior?4. Perhaps my only recourse is to warn others and never to use geneva taxi service again.  

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An urgent plea for anyone with an active Ricardo.ch auction account, is theer anyone who can bid on an item later this afternoon for us as we have not received our activation code yet? Willing to pay you for your trouble of course. Many Thanks   Phil Bennett back in the UK

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Has any one been 'Identified' recently at a Swiss bank i.e you take in a copy of your passport - they copy it, stamp and sign it to confirm you are the person on the passport - normally your own branch so that they do know you? I am being told it is not possible - which I find hard to believe.    Many thanks    

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I am currently with Swisscom for Internet and TV and am very happy with the service they offer. However, I have found a much better deal with Sunrise which also includes a mobile phone contract. Please can you let me know if you have had good service from Sunrise and would recommend? Many Thanks

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Hello,  I am confused about the health insurance requirements for family members of frontaliers. We live in France and only my husband works in Geneva. We have insurance with a Swiss health insurance company and I am wondering whether I and the children really need it. According to the health insurance company, there is a cross border agreement between France and Switzerland and family members need to be covered by Swiss insurance. This seems odd to me as we never really go to Switzerland. I have enquired with VHI International (Irish health insurers) and they seem to think their insurance will cover everything we need and it is a fraction of the cost of the Swiss insurance. I'm just wondering what other expat families are doing? Are you covering all the family under a Swiss policy or are you covering the children/spouse under Bupa International or similar. Many thanks in advance for your advice on this.

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  We are travelling around Europe and would like to offer our services free of charge to look after your animals and house. We have excellent references.  You can email or call on 0033549073358.  Steve and Suzy 

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Hi All, Apart from AngloInfo are there any other affordable online advertisers in the Geneva area that are well used ?      

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Hi, We have an online business directory in France.  Local businesses pay to be on our website. We would like to do the same business in Geneva. Can we simply launch our website in Geneva and work with local businesses in Geneva.  Or is it way more complicated than that ?!   Thanks in advance for any assistance which would be hugely appreciated.

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Need help in Math, French or German in the Nyon area, I can provide with Tutoring lessons in these fields.  Long experience tutoring IB studends and Maturité students.  Please do not hesitate to ask. Call 079 278 97 26.

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I'm an English only speaking Nanny that's just moved here to Geneva, working long hours but would love to try and meet any other fun people/nannies to socialise with as I know nobody!!   Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank you!! Polly :)

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An English speaking Alanon meeting has started in Lausanne which meets at 54 Avenue de Bethusy, 8pm Monday nights.  Parking is available in front of building and along the road, and entrance is on right side of building.  

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Hi, My husband and I have just moved to Messery, France from the UK with our twin 18 month old boys  My husband works in Geneva and I work 30 hours a week from home in the motorsport industry.  I speak N O French but would like to learn.  Looking to meet other English speaking mums in the area.  Also, need to find a Nou Nou (childminder right?).     If anyone has any advice or has some time for a coffee, i would be so very grateful.   Thanks

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Hi, Our beautiful house, next to the UN will be available as of 1st of August and we are looking for tenants who would enjoy to live in Grand-Saconnex. Living in this community is easy; airport and motorway in 5 to 10min distance, French border to Ferney-Voltaire 5 min by car. Lovely and easy maintenance garden. Residential area, etc. have a look at the ad under: http://geneva.angloinfo.com/classifieds/index/1004/category/residential-for-rent/viewclassified/406428/for-rent-as-of-1st-august-2014-individual-house-of-240m2 Looking forward to your interest and call Best regards Dagmar

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