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Does anyone know of the best way to deliver a few boxes of paintings and other antique bits and pieces from UK to Geneva?  Any companies which deal with small consignments?  Also what are the tax implications of delivering such items?  I'm looking into this for a relative. Thanks!

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Hello everyone, I would like to propose a social platform that I put online for students, it can stay in constant contact with all students who are around you and registered on the site. It is a social network that is designed to allow students who are enrolled in the same university without even knowing can communicate with each other. On the site where you are you will be able to meet and share with other students in other campuses of the Swiss "also registered on the site." For students who are expatriates in Geneva and throughout Switzerland, it will be possible to their easier to find with bigappol.

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Hello,I am a casting producer for a show that airs on the Travel Channel in the U.S. Our next adventures will be in Montreux, Switzerland and then in Pfaffikon, Switzerland! We start filming NEXT WEEK!!! I'm looking for an awesome group of 3-4 people who speak English well, are energetic, fun, thrill seekers to go on waterslides and allow our cameras to follow them around for the day. It will be a great day and a super fun experience!Please help me spread the word. Anybody interested should send me some pictures and a little bit about themselves. I could also use some recommendations of where I may find such local adventurous individuals.Thanks, we appreciate your help!   Melanie Escobar Casting Producer, Xtreme Waterparks mescobar@highnoontv.com 303.872.8586

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Hello, I live in geneva and I wish to set up a (registered) charity for fundraising for medical research. Could anyone guide me in this? My internet search reveals that it is relatively simple to do, but still where does one start? I need to go to a lawyer? Thanks, Meenu.

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Dear All, It came to our attention that mums-to-be hardly find any maternity clothing shops in the Geneva/Swiss Romande region. ChicBump Brands offers a stylish maternity collection for mums-to-be. Through our website it is easy and fun to have the most necessary and stylish items for your nine fabulous months! Always keeping an eye on the current trend, our pieces are carefully selected of quality fabrics; to offer maternity wears that flatters your curves and your surroundings! Grab the opportunity and build your own maternity wardrobe with our online shop! We look forward to seeing you on www.chicbump.com and don't hesitate to contact us for any further information! ChicBump Brands  

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Gentlemen; this is your opportunity to set the record straight and let women know what is really important to you when it comes to dating and your life partner!  I am Trea Tijmens, a successful matchmaker and dating coach, based in Switzerland and have worked with thousands of single women.  Over the years, I have noticed that these ladies have heard many of the same myths and buy into them:  “men only want…”, men never …” men don’t like women who ….” Etc. It is time to set the record straight and fully understand what men want, expect and dream of when it comes to a date or even their life partner.  I therefore decided to conduct a Swiss wide survey to give men a chance to tell us their true feelings and share their perceptions on the subject. Take the survey here  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MaleDatingPerceptions There are no wrong answers and your responses should reflect your opinion, perceptions and personality, so please respond honestly. And rest assured that this survey is completely confidential and your name will not appear in any of the results. Take the survey here  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MaleDatingPerceptions For questions contact me at trea@datingsuccess.ch or trea@successmatch.ch

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Dear reader, It is with great pleasure that I offer free consultation services if any are interested in buying or looking to rent out any place situated in and around Geneva. What more can anyone ask for, other than a good deal and round the hour consultations?  My name is Fjodor Hilpert and I am a real estate consultant working for Swissexp.SA If you are interested, please let me know. I am extreemly flexible, and speak both English and German. Hopefully I hear from you soon. Sincerely "fjodor.hilpert@aim.com"

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Hi EveryoneI'm landscape architect from Poland with 10 years working experience in Cyprus. I arrived to Genève, a month ago.I was hoping that someone could help out with recruitment agencies or the best places to look for work in construction. Any contact information would be very much appreiciated.

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I am looking for a job as a babysitter, I speak Spanish and Italian, I am learning French and English. I have experience with kids of all the ages. I am proactive and very trustful.   I've just finished my degree of advertising in Spain. And now I am living in Versoix, Geneva. You can contact me: lordwillykey5@hotmail.com

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Hi, I am student currently in my last semester who is doing a dissertation on a topic regarding about environmental issue pertaining to food waste management in the hospitality industries in Switzerland. I am hoping to seek for some help to fill up my survey so as to allow me to analyze and find out the positive and negative impacts that will cause to the environment and also the benefits of implementing food waste management in the hospitality industries. The survey will not take more than 5 minutes of your time and the information that you provide will be strictly confidential. This research is targeting everybody especially people who is in hospitality industries like hotel or food and beverage, however, environmental friendly personnel can fill up the survey as well. The survey is structured into 3 different language (English, French and German) to help survey taker to understand better, there is an option bar to allow you to change into any language you prefer. Below is the link to the survey.http://www.eqts.ch/surveys/index.php?sid=67522&lang=en I hope anyone could help me out with this, I really do appreciate a lot with the help. Thank you.

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Hi All   In around 10 days a service will be launched related to Gift Vouchers You will always have a gift in your pocket, even if the shops are closed in Geneva So everyone who Likes the Faceook BEFORE the launch, make a change to win a Gift Voucher of one of the Partners    Just visit http://facebook.com/GiftVoucherKiosk/  and like th epage ( we will not spam you will see).   In case you have a busiess yourself and like to offer Gift Vouchers as well, please contact me  

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Hello,   I'm new here. Nice to join you all. I checked before write a post here just to make sure question us not redundant.. But seems like no one had posted this question before.   I just get a part time job for 2 weeks with possibilty extention for 3 months.   Since this is my first job in Geneva, I'd like to know how much or how many percent that I need to pay for tax. My concern is that so far my husband has a tax discount for his unemployed wife and now i'm thinking if taking the job would be a good idea or not, considering that he may need to pay full tax and plus my own tax. Thanks for the feedback!   D

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Hi, my name is Rosahna. I'm a 23yr old Ex pat living on the boarder in France. I have been living in the general area of Nyon to Ferney voltaire for the last 3yrs working with children under the age of 10. At the moment, I am about to finish with my morning family. I have been with them for two years and its a sad but happy occasion. The youngest, which I was taking care of is starting school in September so I am nolonger needed in the mornings. I work afternoons with a different family which I am continuing on with and have set hours with.  So, Mums! I am looking for mornings and I am also available to babysit in the evenings. I can start from 8am til 2pm. I have my own car and a permit to work in Switzerland. I have great references from parents and children a like. I like to do activities, go outside when the weather is good and even when it's snowing. I like to cook good and healthy food as well as little treats and cakes for birthday occasions for all the family. I'm hands on, I dont mind getting dirty. But I do believe in good manners, kindness and following the rules. I'm not very strict, I prefer to have fun and do things that the kids want to do, so they learn about choices and decisions. I have a lot of patience, but I expect the children to listen to me and do as I ask. And as for discipline, I follow the naughty step or put the child in their room for their age into minutes (Eg. 3yrs = 3 mins) I have experience with children and young as 3 months up till 10 years of age. I prefer to work with younger kids because I think it's important that children have a good base, morals and know right from wrong and how to treat everyone with respect.  If you are interested, please contact me via email at rosithom@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Hi there, I am looking for some exclusive real estate agents in Geneva and surroundings. Anyone has any suggestions or contacts? Thank you.

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Hello Guys, Me and my wife planing to visit switzerlandin coming january, so can sombody suggest me if i can hire 1bedroom apartment for 15-20days somwhere near to center of city. its gona cost us cheeper i think . or if u have any other suggest please let me know thanks.

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Could anyone advise me on whether it is legal to co-lease an apartment in the names of two people, friends, in the Canton of Geneva?    Both parties would be co-responsible for half of the rent each. Thank  you.

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Does any one know what you do in terms of de-registering your car when you move out of Switzerland and want to bring your car with you to a new country? I have to drive the car to the Netherlands with my stuff, so I can't de-register it before I leave. Somebody told me that upon arrival in the Netherlands and after having the car registered there, I can just send back the number plates to the Service de Navigation, and they will refund me my road tax, and also some of the amount for the insurance. Is that correct??

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Hi, I am a very experienced teacher of children and young people with autism from the UK.  I have  worked within autism for over 10 years of my 20 year teaching career.   I have recently returned from a related working spell in Switzerland, and would like to hear of any suggestions for continuing this work out there. Many thanks, Chris Dalton  

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High standng Apartment next to Jardin botanique and WTO. Located at very quiet and calm area, very secure building. 2'600,. CHF per month  For visit 076 560 4538 Email: lucia6111@hotmail.com

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Hi,  we are currently looking to relocate to the French/ Geneva border area around August sometime, We are looking for a house to rent with the emphasis being on a large garden and are also looking for info on a nearby bilingual schools, In our haste we thought Annecy would be a good place to start and have enrolled our children 8 & 5 into a school there,  however since looking a little deeper into things we are now thinking annecy may be a rather long daily commute to Geneva. We would be most grateful of any tips anyone could provide, after having a look through the forums Divonne sounds like a good place to start?!? We are also debating over whether to use a relocation person, I understand they may remove a littlIFAD the stress and perhaps save us some monet, but it does come at a price which naturally would be good to avoid! Many Thanks, wendy

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