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We're recently arrived in the Pays de Gex and are looking for a friendly English speaking violin teacher for our 8 year old daughter.  She passed Grade 1 with distinction in July.  Willing to travel to Geneva if necessary.

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Hello, i am looking for a job in the hotel or home, i study Tourism and Hotel Management and i also have a very good experience in hotels and home

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We are leaving Switzerland at the end of April and wanted to know if anyone knows where to dispose of or donate used furniture/electronics that we have not been able to sell. contact duerfamily4@hotmail.com

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Emergency! Where can I get some PG tips? Supply dangerously low...

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My husband looks like being offered a job in Geneva. He's French and I am British and we have three children (ages 7,6 and 4) who are already in school in Brittany so they are used to the French schooling system and language. It looks too expensive for us to live in Geneva but is there a good place to live in France that is within good commuting distance of Geneva and not too pricey? (Is this wishful thinking?!) I've heard Annecy is nice but we are used to a more rural life so if there are any nice villages/small towns it would be good to know about them. I would like to have a garden! Any advice you could give would be brilliant - thank you!! FloraG

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Is there a difference between the amount paid in income tax as a frontalier working Geneva opposed to a frontalier working in Vaud. I know Vaud is not taxed at source but not sure if it has an impact on the total amount paid.

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Dear members,I'm doing a survey, as a support for my graduation, about restaurants in Geneva and i would like to kindly ask for your participation.It will take only 3 minutes to do it.Please find the link below:http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?sid=q99d0l5jccpk9xc178924Thank you very much for your time.Best Regards, Carina

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Hello,   We will move over in January/February 2013 and I've been trying to find property to rent in Messery but so far no success. Does anyone know where I can go to see what's available? or by chance if anyone heard about a house available for rent in Messery area....Would be very helpful.  Many thanks Kind regards Alexandra      

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Our 23 month old son, Hugo is raising funds once again this year for Children in Need 2012 !!   Any one out there who likes to support a good cause, please take a look at his fund raiser page   Thank you  http://www.justgiving.com/HugoBishopShaw

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Hi there,Does anyone have any idea how many English nationals are resident either temporarily or permanently in the Geneva area. I am a lawyer thinking of opening an office in Geneva - any excuse to move my office from London - but specialise in English family and media law.Thank you.Matt

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Can anyone tell me where exactly this pass is and whats the best way to get there approaching from france

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Hi Folks, I am considering enrolling for an online or part time MBA program. The Swiss Management Centre offers an online MBA program at very affordable rate, but I read mixed reviews about their accreditation. As per their website, they are accredited by the ACBSP and ECRE, but some reviews say they are not authorized to grant degrees by the Swiss government.  Anyone out there who can shed some light on this? Any graduates from the school who can provide me with some concrete info to make a decision? Thanks in advance.

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hi folk i am traveling back in a van if anyone need anything brought over

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Hello folks!   We are three young entrepreneurs who recently embarked on the (exciting and bittersweet) start-up journey. We are working on developing a web application to ease the process of dealing with home services (plumbing, electricians, carpentry, etc) in Geneva and the surrounding regions, including making appointments, electronic billing, etc. We are sure you guys have many valuable opinion which you can share with us and we would love to know your thoughts and experience in this.    In the spirit of crowdsourcing wisdom, we would appreciate it very much if you guys can help us out by answering to a simple (only 10 straightforward questions) survey:   [English] http://fixonaut.com/survey.html [French] http://fixonaut.com/enquete.html   Our sincerest thanks in advance, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!   kind regards, the Fixonaut team

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Has anyone had an interview for Swiss nationailty recently...if so could you give me some pointers regading the questions asked/ Many thanks, Tony

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Association is looking for a translator french to english( he can be a student) to translate a text of 10 pages (Word,Time, 12)and an internet site. We prefer a hour rate.Thanks for your answer

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I'm new to geneva and im looking for some peole to go down hill mountain biking with, if any one can put me in touch with a club or meeting point that would be great. Thanks in advance

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I started with MBudget pay as you go and found the network and prices pretty good, just over 6 months ago I went on a contract with Orange as I needed an upgrade / e-mail on my phone etc. for work.   Since then I have had nothing but problems: the coverage in my flat is terrible (400m from Geneva train station), I constantly get messages saying I have missed calls and I have had extortionate roaming charges - 14chf / minute on one call!! The customer service is very bad too- I have complained several times but not been refunded the charges. Every bill comes to about double my monthly plan price (mostly due to roaming charges, I travel a few days per month)   After my 3rd complaint about the network Orange finally admitted there is a problem close to my home and agreed to release me from the contract with no cost. It is such a relief to be rid of them though I am waiting for the change back to MBudget now and won't believe it's the end of the problems until I have switched over and paid the final bill.   In short- if you are deciding which network you want please save yourself a lot of problems and avoid Orange. Swisscom / MBudget is great, I've heard decent reports about Sunrise too. Also beware of Lebara / Lyca etc -the per minute rate is great but they charge a "call set-up fee" for each call- typically 28 cents so fine if you talk to someone abroad for an hour, not so good for a series of 20 second calls to other swiss phones.

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Good day to all, We are a family of 4 moving to Geneva. I have read many discussions on this forum which have been helpful My future employer is paying for all my move apart from a relocation agent. We are having the usual problems of homes and schools and are considering a relocation agency As I am paying myself, I am looking for a reasonably priced agent if anyone can recommend me please for house and school search Thanks in advance Cormac

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This new dessign is really neat.  One can put free classifieds with pictures! What do others think? Patrick  

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