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I know I didn't dream it ...... this morning early I found an advertisement, albeit from a chap offering free services on tax issues to expats.When I came to show my husband three hours later, it had disappeared. Is there a reason for this? Did he broach regulations? We haveactually come across him before and he is frankly not to be trusted...... but just interested in a general way.

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Hello, I am currently not working and would like to take Arabic classes for professionals in the coming months. Could someone recommend a place that offer good lessons during the daytime? Many thanks,

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Hello,My son lives in Geneva and we now need to get him health insurance. Can we use an international company or must one use the recognized Swiss health insurance companies? I understand there are special student health insurance policies as well, is this correct? Thanks!

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Would be glad to hear from someone living in the Montreux area. I will be visiting with my family, and one of the party wants to know if they will be able to see the Liverpool/Arsenal match on TV on Sunday 2nd. September.Are there pubs/bars where live UK matches are shown?.You can mail me direct.Thank you

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Hi Have just moved to Geneva and need to learn French. Anyone with any recommendation as to where or who... thanks

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I live in France, but for many years lived in CH. I am coming over late August, and wonder if anyone can advise on self catering holiday rentals, one person, hotel résidence or actual flats for one to two weeks. You can reply to me direct. Thank you..

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Hi.. Please someone,, any advice would be greatly appreciated... Myself and partner(both English) are currently living in France.. I work here but under a Swiss contract as I spend half the year in south of France and the winter in Gstaad... I am covered for health insurance, but my work said as my partner isn't a resident then she can't be covered?? My partner is pregnant and so we need to sort out an insurance as it would be awesome if she could give birth in Swiss so that I can be there and with her!!!!! How does it work? apparently she can be in the country for 3 months without any papers... can we still get an insurance for her??Appreciate massively any response or advice!!Thanks...

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Hello! Wondering if anyone knows of a camera store or where I could get my Nikon camera serviced in Geneva? Or just in general a shop that services electronics and fixes them. Hopefully there is one of the sorts around the city.Thank you in advance!

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English conversation lessons given in exchange for house cleaning for elderly lady living in small flat in Rolle. Parking available. mayday1905@yahoo.com

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Hello,I have recently moved to France, close to Geneva. I want to set up my own business and am looking for people - in the area - who have had experience in doing so. Where to start? Paperwork - where to file for opening of business? In Switzerland you can earn upto 70,000.00 approx before tax - I have been led to believe - What is the equivalent in France? Tax situation for small businesses/self-employment in France etc etc Any help on this topic from anyone that has been through it would be very gratefully received. Please contact me directly at: auto75801438@hushmail.com

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Hi I have recently moved to Geneva with my husband from the UK and I am looking into travel insurance. We already have some trips back home planned and I just want to make sure we are adequately covered for flight cancellations, delays, theft, sickness etc - any suggestions how we go about this and approx what this may cost for annual worldwide cover?ThanksDevina

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We're moving to Geneva with a toddler. We need good transport links to city centre for work and child-friendly activities. Does anyone have any information about what goes on in Hermance by way of day-to-day amenities or activities? I've visited the Commune website but I'm looking to get a little more local flavour... Thanks!

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September sees us setting off, from London, to begin a world record journey on a Tuk Tuk (Thai 3 wheeled Taxi). This is the longest journey ever attempted by one of these vehicles and will take in the seven modern wonders of the world and covering 4 continents. Taking in world heritage sites and other sites of interest on the journey. Although extensively travelled, we do not live in Geneva and therefore we would appreciate any advice on what to see / avoid, which local events / festivals will be taking place on our route. We would also appreciate moral support by people waving, saying hello and joining in the excitement as we pass along the way. We are undertaking this journey to show that that the world is, indeed, a small place, full of wonder and adventure! No matter where we come from, we have more in common than we realise. In addition it will raise funds for 2 charities that are very close to our hearts. If you wish to find out more about exact times and route visit our website at www.tukthehighroad.com Follow us on Facebook Track us on Twitter If you click the “like” button then the exact times / dates of when we will be passing through your area will be sent to you by e mail before the event. We would really appreciate any helpful tips and advice from Paris that will help us to achieve this world record.

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Hello All, I have recently moved here with my family from Oxford, UK. There I heard of a group called Giving What We Can (www.givingwhatwecan.org). This is simply a group of people who like to explore how to get the most "good" for the most people for every dollar they choose to give to charity. In other words how to be confident that the money you give is going to the best causes. We do not wish to collect money only discuss the concept of giving well. Many people have some funds that they would like to donate to worthy causes, but are not sure if it would be well used. Now that I'm here in Geneva, and likely to stay for some years I'm looking to find one or two people that might be interested in starting some discussions here on the topic. As you can see from the website Chapters of this group have opened in Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, Harvard, Princeton and San Diego in the USA and many other chapters are in the process of opening. People from many political, social, economic and religious (or non-religious) backgrounds are coming together to work out if they wish to give some of their available funds to worthy causes in developing countries. Anyone who would like to get involved in starting a Geneva-based discussion forum on this topic, please reply to this message with your email address. Lets start a discussion in Geneva!

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Does anybody know this gentleman?

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Hello, Does anybody know if a Master of Teaching degree (in early childhood) acquired in an Australian University is recognized by Swiss schools?Thanx in advance for your help or adviceCorinne

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Could anyone advise on what is the running rate for a living nanny. I will offer her a room, her own bathroom, and food. She will keep the house clean, do the laundry and be available every from 4:00 to 7:00. She does not have to work in the morning or on the weekend. However, I may need her from time to time in the event one of my child is ill and I can't be home. Thanks in advance for all your input.

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Really need some help getting 2 children to school for 2 months starting end of Feb...Mondays and Tuesday morning only, live in Grand lancy, children have a 15min drive to school, will pay expenses.

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Does anyone have any advice about how to find a host family (or flatshare) for a 22 year old student who has been offered a one month traineeship at the UN.

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