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Does anyone have any advice about how to find a host family (or flatshare) for a 22 year old student who has been offered a one month traineeship at the UN.

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Hi, I am thinking of opening a shop in lausanne or geneva with clothes coming straight from London. Initially I would like to have a short trem lease for approx. 6 months to test the project. Does anyone know any good agents that deal with short term commercial let or website?thank you for the help

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Hi everyone, I am a British Citizen, and have been working for a fairly large energy company in Lausanne for the past 2 and a half years (on a b permit). The company has been in trouble for some time, and it was previously announced that there would be quite significant job losses early this year. Although nothing has been officially communicated yet, it is basically understood that the dismissal meetings will be held next week (probably Tuesday), and that I and most of the team I work in will be fired.I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on my legal entitlement in this situation? I would be particularly useful if someone knew the answers to some of these questions.- What is my minimum entitlement in terms of severance pay?- I have a 3 month notice period in my contact. Can the company send me on gardening leave and count this as severance?- Am I entitled to bring any legal representation to the meeting?- Am I entitled to record the meeting on a Dictaphone if I inform the other participants that I am doing this?- Am I entitled to insist that the non compete clauses in my contract be waved?- Is there anything else I'm entitled to?Thanks very much for any help you may be able to provide in answering these questions. I am fortunate to have a partner who is currently working, and I do not have any children to support. Nevertheless, I would like to make sure I make the most of any legal rights I have in Switzerland.T

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Hi,I'm looking for any good method of commuting to Geneva, train, car, bus, car pool etc. What way are people doing this trip?thanksPaul

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HelloI was recently contacted by an expat woman with a daughter having an Arnold-Chiari Malformation and an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome because I posted some stuff about in the past. (they are in Geneva)Even if those are very rare, I'm trying to find if there's other expatriate that could be concerned, and would like to get in touch with other people speaking English and having one of those conditions.So if you know about people that could be interested, don't hesitate.. I think it's important that people with such conditions now other people in Switzerland and can exchange information and, why not, befriend and meet.Thank you very much.Best,Bertrand - Geneva

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Does anyone know where I could buy Monster High dolls in or around Geneva? Need to find them asap. Thank you!

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Philippine flood victims I am calling to all Filipino association leaving in France or any part of E.U to ask donation to your KABABAYAN who is suffering to collect any kind of donation.I can try to help by spreading this NEWS!pls reply where can we sent our donation to sent it to Philippines.(this posted from yahoo)to those who are abroad and have access to WATER PURIFICATION TABLES please buy what you can and send it to red cross Philippines this will help increase the supply of potable water and will help lower water borne diseases this donation is easy to purchase and send though couriers hope this suggestion will help -------------------------------------------------- lets move swiftly, courageously and steadfastly but lets be weary and not allow people to take advantage of the situation

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Hi. We live in an apartment in central Geneva - no wine cave. Does anyone know of any place where you can rent space in a wine cave in the Geneva area? Thanks!

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Hi.. am a little desperate.. I am looking for a stage. a week's work experience for my 14 year old girl in february.. we had something organised in the UK but they dont have insurance for under 16 year olds.. can anyone suggest anything? Niki

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Where can I purchase a live Christmas tree around Geneva, Switzerland? Thanks!

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Hi, I am looking for a an experienced CV-writer. I believe that my chances to find a job can improve significantly if a professional cv-writer helps me. I am looking for a cv writer who knows how to write a brilliant cv in the "Swiss" way. My cv has to be written in English to potenital multinational companies based in Switzerland.Anyone who knows how to find a cv-writer in Switzerland?

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As part of its series of pre-launch events, The Blessing International Church (Geneva, Switzerland) would like to invite you this coming Sunday to listen to an inspiring message from Rev. Helen Maasbach-Van Dalen of The Blessing Church (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The Blessing Churches are part of the Johann Maasbach World Mission in The Hague. The message will be in English. [img]http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/383602_255149431200727_249351955113808_650140_586093997_n.jpg[/img] WHEN: Sunday, the 20th of November 2011 (10h30) WHERE: Paroisse Protestante Eaux-Vives, Place Jargonnant 5, 1207 Geneva [img]http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/381917_254934094555594_249351955113808_649621_737741874_n.jpg[/img] [img]http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/390133_254932581222412_249351955113808_649609_1433921768_n.jpg[/img]

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Hi everyone,We are in desperate need of some advice as to where to live. We are unsure as to whether to live (a) in Geneva (b) in a neighboring area such as Lausanne or (c) France. I am sure you get this question time and time again, but I will try to give you as much information on my specific family so that you could advice us to the best of your knowledge. Any info you have is IMMENSELY appreciated.My husband is planning on finding work in Geneva in the next year. He is Director of communications at an NGO in the U.S and will be finding a similar position. He is Scottish and thus is an EU citizen.I am American and my daughter (4 years old) is both EU and American.My husband has decent French but not fluent.The kind of area we are looking for:1) We like the feel a small city.2) We do not like a really quiet suburban/ small town atmosphere. We are very active-love to walk around in a city, like lots of activities, classes etc. Want to live in an area that has a lot going on within walking (bus ride/ train) distance. For example I took a cooking class, belly dancing and Japanese class all last year. 3) We want an international atmosphere- we have lived around the world-Japan etc and I speak Japanese as well as my daughter.4) We are very artsy- I love to write music, we like to go to music shows, art events, markets, cafes, theater etc.5) We love beautiful old architecture (for example we prefer the look of Lausanne over Geneva architecture wise)The commute:My husband will only take the train. We want a commute that is no more than 45 minutes long. The apartment:As for the apartment, we are not picky and don't need much room. We lived in Asia for years. A normal 2 or 3 bedroom somewhere would do us just fine in a safe area (which I here is pretty much all of Geneva unlike here in the States). If anyone can give us any advice on places we can start looking in/ around and over the border into France that meet this criteria, please let us know! Also, let me know what realistically we can do as well if this is not possible.Thank you so much!Collette

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It's starting to get colder! Can anyone advise me on where to buy some firewood? I am looking to buy about 4 or 5 steres, of preferably seasoned oak. We live in Bernex, Geneva.

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I'm looking for a place to buy a wedding dress, anyone any addresses they want to share with me? Thanks

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Hello, my family would like to go and stay up in the snow for Xmas and New Year. We can be as small a group as 4 or as large as 10, we would prefer a house/chalet not an hotel. Not expensive. We prefer the area around Meribel, Courchevel and La Tania. Does anyone have any website recommendations.? thank you

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Hi,Does anyone know of a shop in Geneva (near GVA) where I could buy Trotinette éléctrique Thx

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Hi I would like to know why is it so difficult for me to get a job. After being made redundant I looking to go back to work and finding it very difficult can anyone help me or give some advice or know of anyone looking for someone who has worked for a lot of international companys. ThanksMelle

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Hello, Im 26 years old from Nicaragua, I speak spanish,english,italian and french. I have worked with kids as a teacher in the United States. Your children will not only be taken care of but also will leran with me. contact me at 078-824-1338 or z_girlplus@hotmail.com Thanks

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Hi all,A few friends and I have started a facebook page called Parents in Geneva and neighouring France.Would love to have more input on other people's experience raising children in the Geneva area.Hope it's ok posting this here.ThanksNatasha

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