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The current times of profound change havethe potential to reshape society as we know it.The pandemy is a wake-up call for thewellbeing industryWe need to deliver the tools to the newsocietal and organizational models that will foster systemic change, allowingthe unfolding of human potential.In fact, we are developing a wellness andwellbeing center in the Montreux Rivera region that includes hotelaccommodation, restaurant and wellness and wellbeing activities. The projectrequires around CHF 3million.  As oftoday, we have raised part of the funds needed, and we are still looking forthe reaming amount, in form of loan or equity. Please let me know if you are interestedand we can share and discuss with you the detailed business plan.KindRegards,EudoQuintero079 7949781

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Looking for all “students of life” interested in broadening their education through a capsule course examining Poetry as potential healing tool in Transformation, May 25 and June 1st, 11- 2:30.This creative & interactive seminar will be offered over 6 hours on two Fridays with lunch included. Held on the campus of Webster university in Versoix. Please reply below for more information 

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Hello, Do you know who is the best child psychiatrists doctor in Geneva?I'm trying to find a good doctor as soon as possible.Thank you

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Hello! I recently went to an optician to get a quote for how much it would cost to get a month's supply of contact lenses here, and I was shocked when I heard the price: super expensive! Because of this, I just wanted to ask those of you who use contact lenses how much you pay for a month's supply here? Does anyone have a suggestion for where I can find reasonably priced contact lenses from trusted brands here? Thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone, I am having some major problems with my teeth and gums and will need to get some intensive treatment done for fillings and a connective tissue graft. I need to decide whether it's better to have the treatment done in Switzerland (privately) or under the NHS/a private practice in the UK. The price quoted in total in Switzerland is approx. 3000 for everything. Has anyone been in a similar position? Thank you

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Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me out on this - I am looking for an English speaking therapist (psychologist etc.) and/or couples counsellor who works out of France. Preferably over the border from Geneva or near Divonne. Thanks very much in advance. Fiona

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I will unfortunately be needing an ACL replacement soon, and am looking for a surgeon.  I quickly realized that while this is normally an out-patient procedure in the US, it means at least 1 night in the hospital here in Geneva.  We only have the basic insurance because we were naive, but most of the surgeons recommended to me have been affiliated with private hospitals. I have had absolutely no success in discovering how much I would have to pay for a private hospital stay of 1-2 nights if basic insurance does not cover all of it.  chf 2000?  chf 20.000? chf 200.000? If anyone has investigated this issue successfully, I would love to know the answer!  

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I have been going to Jean-Louis David, but find the prices on the high side.  Can anyone recommend a more affordable salon in the Champel area?  

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I am new to Versoix and need an English speaking nail technician that can do manicure with gel extentions and pedicure.  Can you please recommend someone?

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Join us for a free Nia Wellness class at Cressy Bains on Tuesday or Thursday evening. Groovy music and amazing dance-routines will make you want to move. Nia is an innovative and fun movement practise that aims for body-mind-emotional wellness.

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A new association was recently created to help people with addictions. It's main purpose it to open the first hafway house in France. It's located 6 km from Geneva border, along the lake. A free conference on addiction will be held in Messery on wednesday 8 october 2014, at 8 pm. Alcoholism and drug addiction affects the whole family - young, teenage, or grown-up children; wives or husbands; brothers or sisters; parents or other relatives and friends.  One family member addicted to alcohol and drugs means the whole family suffers.   Without help, active addiction can totally disrupt family life and cause harmful effects that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately no one is born with the knowledge of how to deal effectively with addiction.  It is a skill that must be learned and practiced daily. Take a look at our website: www.rosolac.com

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Hi I am from Canada looking for people that would be interested in becoming Body Wrap distributors. These wraps firm ,tighten, and tone in 45 mins. This is a home based business  just new to your country great financial opportunity.email thomas58@telus.net

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Does anyone know of a good reasonably priced beautician in the the Rolle, Gland, Morges area.  Have no idea what a full leg wax should cost. Thanks  

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Hello,I live in Geneva and I m looking for a personal trainer with experience and certifications. Also look for a trainer who listens and doesnt impose her goals into me.If you are interested, please send me an email - jennyfer.smith0@gmail.com

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I am soon leaving Geneva and I have to quickly sell my bicycle. It is almost new, I did not use it much. Do you know any places where I can sell it in Geneva or maybe someone who wants to buy it? (It is a typical woman bike, green with busket in front) 

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Hello, can anyone recommend a GOOD English speaking paeditrician in the Coppet, Versoix area? Thanks in advance !!

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Profit from this FREE opportunity to learn how to reach your objectives and make your projects real! Come and take part to a 4 hours workshop: dynamic, practical, informative and FUN! Next Saturday, February 15th from 1.30 to 5.30 pm at unimail, S040! For more information and to get the flyer, write me an e-mail at karine@danielsanogueira.com  

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Hallo, I am an Asian settled in Germany. I just moved to Geneva 6 months ago. I am not a frequent drinker and have a drink occassionally with friends like 4 units a month or so. When I was a student in Rotterdam, I passed out at a party and was taken home by friends This was three years ago.  2 years ago that again happened in Germany and my friends took me to the hospital. Now unfortunately it happened in Geneva too. Its like I am making it a point to do it in every city that I have lived in. Not funny I know.  In Geneva I was at the hospital for barely 2 hours and all they did was a blood test but when I saw my file, I saw I was registered under alcohol abuse or intoxication. I don't understand how the authorities there can write alcohol abuse without knowing my history. The other incidents happened over 2-5 years ago. Without knowing my medical history, how can they put it as alcohol abuse. As I understand alcohol abuseis when a situation repeats itself within a short span of time which it hasn't . Could I request them to change it? My main problem is whether this will cause problems for me in the future in getting a job or a driver's license. Alcohol intoxication as such happens to everyone but to classify it as alcohol abuse straight away is wrong as it is a psychiatric diagnosis makes me sound like i am a regular substance abuser who needs help!   I am trying to exchange my EU driver's license here and they have questions on alcohol use like following:   Avez vous suivi un cure de desintoxication pour consommation d'alcool ou de stupefiants     Does that just mean rehab for alcohol. Do my hospital visits count as rehab?   The second question they had was whether I ever had: toxicomanie of alcohol-does that mean addiction ? Will have to yes to any of the above questions because of my hospital visits. Can the authorities go through the hospital records and find out about those two incidents. Can I be taken to jail or fined if they find out? I am also worried about my future job on this account. Many employment forms include questions on past alcohol misuse. I was working at an international organization which has questions of past hospitalization and demands asks for medical records. My question is that will they hold these two incidents against me? Will not get my license? Do give me some answers!

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Hello, I tried this experienced beautician. Was very pleased. Does among other things hair removal, facials, massages. Speaks perfect english. Prices reasonable, honest & not pushy.  Located in center of Ge. I am not getting anything in return for this recommendation! Thoula et Natalie Tel 022 735 84 00/ 079 549 61 48 5 Rue Vinaigrerie, GE 1207      

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Does anyone know if Dr Issaris whose office is in Geneva is a good Doctor?any previous experience with this Doctor? thanks in advance

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