Looking for investors for a Wellness Hotel in Montreux VD

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The current times of profound change havethe potential to reshape society as we know it.The pandemy is a wake-up call for thewellbeing industryWe need to deliver the tools to the newsocietal and organizational models that will foster systemic change, allowingthe unfolding of human potential.In fact, we are developing a wellness andwellbeing center in the Montreux Rivera region that includes hotelaccommodation, restaurant and wellness and wellbeing activities. The projectrequires around CHF 3million.  As oftoday, we have raised part of the funds needed, and we are still looking forthe reaming amount, in form of loan or equity. Please let me know if you are interestedand we can share and discuss with you the detailed business plan.KindRegards,EudoQuintero079 7949781

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