What are all the Deadliest Diseases that occurs in Lungs ?

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There are huge numnber of Diseases that occurs in Lungs .. Some of them are , Pneumonia , Asthma , COPD and so on...Swelling in Lungs This syndrome can be otherwise regarded as EdemaThis is caused by the alveoli filling which occurs due to the fluid slipping out of the bloodThe swelling is resulted by a lot of cardiac conditions.PneumoniaPneumonia is a widely known disease all over the worldSmoking is the very first contributor to this diseaseThe alveoli fills itself with bacterial pus thereby making the breathing too difficultAsthma Asthma is regarded as a common breathing problem caused by obstructions in air flow to the lungsChest tightening, wheezing and coughing are the symptoms that one can experience during asthmaYou can take professional help by booking an appointment at Best Pulmonologist in Chennai and visit us. We offer you complete care and ease your symptoms and help reduce your pain 


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