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4-room apartment on the 9thfloor85m2 with 3 balconies /terraces of 30m2 approximatelySublease for 3 months, fromJune 1st to August 30th, 2019Charmilles, 1203 Geneva.CHF 2'237.- charges includedwith underground parkingClickhere to see photosDiscover Geneva from its mosturban areas just minutes from the Cornavin train station and publictransport nearby. Apartment with lots of charm, a closed kitchen, abathroom, a separate toilet, a living room and two bedrooms. 2Beautiful terraces and a loggia overlooking a school yard withouttraffic or vis-à-vis.HousingBeautiful Charming and brightapartment of 85m2, with open views!It consists of 4 rooms including aclosed kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom with bath and a toilet, aliving room and beautiful terraces.The big plus of this apartment: abeautiful wooded terrace of about 30m2 with pergola and withoutvis-à-vis and even possibility of a barbecue (grill available). Aloggia of 6m2 adjoining the kitchen allows you to enjoy the view ofthe surrounding mountains and beautiful sunsets.Two adorable little goldfish willaccompany you during your stay.Wishing you the most pleasant stayin our little home.The neighborhoodCornavin train station, LakeGeneva and the UN, are at a few  bus stops from the apartment.The Saint-Jean-Charmilles district has been booming in recent yearsand offers you many green spaces, gardens and pedestrian zones:Hentsch Park, the St-Jean covered road, the Franchise Park and thepark. Solitaire Walker and the banks of the Rhône to name a few ofour favorites.Easily accessible, this area iswell served by the bus from the city center (6.9.19) and the airport(10). The access to the highway is also very pleasant, with a trip ofonly 5 minutes to the exit of Vernier-Meyrin. With its many museums,festivals, its lively lakefront, its new beach Eaux-Vives andnightlife, Geneva is an ideal destination during the summer. @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 115%; background: transparent } a:link { color: #000080; so-language: zxx; text-decoration: underline }

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I am in the south of France now and the problem I encountered here is that I do not have enough hot water to take shower in the apartment I rent. As I was explained by my landlady is that she has an individual water tank as most of the apartments in the south of France do, and there is a limit on how much hot water there is. Usually there is a water tank inside the apartment itself in this case. But there are some buildings that have communal water tank, then the hot water supply is limitless. My question is how is it in Switzerland? I come from the US, and we all always have unlimited hot water in the apartment buildings. The issue is very important to me. So I hope someone here can give me a straightforward answer. I have to add that probably I like to take long warm showers sometimes, maybe someone does not, so there is always enough hot water for them.

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Hi,everybody!! We are selling our lovely house in Clarens ( 5 minutes till Montreux).The house is built in 1920,renovated in 2010.There is 3 floors ( basic level is with separate door,3 rooms,full-equipped kitchen,the bathroom + 175 metres of living area).Actually its 6,5 rooms,3 bathroom,2 kitchens).The house is situated in very nice,prestigious area,its 500 metres from the lake,300 metres till the International Saint Georges school. The house is very warm and sunny! We have the garden( 1350 metres),the neighbours are very nice and friendly. The prise of the house is 2 150 000 CHF. for more details you can contact me: tatyanaeric@gmail.com

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Hello ?Looking for the most visited up to date job vacancy websites and links. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I'm looking to convert my attic of about 40 sq metres into an ensuite bedroom. Can anyone recommend a good builder in the Geneva/Gex/Annecy area that isn't booked up until 2017! :o) Cheers Jim

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Hi, my 100 square metre chalet in Saas Fee needs new floors, bathrooms renovated and a new kitchen put in. Can anyone recommend some German or other EU builders who dont charge the earth but do a good job? Thanks Pete

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Hi  I am moving out of Geneva end of the month  and I am selling the whole furniture.  I moved to Geneva less than a year ago. In the meantime I travelled a lot , so the stuff is basically brend -new Currently I have available . If you want to have a look let me know  1. Continental bed 180 x 200  http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-camere-da-letto-letti-,-materassi--1763/continental-bed-180-x-200--12156865.aspx 2. Sofa bed  http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-salotto-poltrone-,-divani--1841/sofa-bed-ikea-urgent-sale--12156925.aspx 3.Armchair http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-salotto-divani-poltrona--665/orange-armchair-ikea-urgent-sale--12477715.aspx 4. TV stand+ TV http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-salotto-mobili-hi-fi-,-tv--672/tv-stnad-tv-for-urgent-sale--12477759.aspx 5. Kitchen table+ 2 chairs http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-sale-da-pranzo-tavoli-,-seggiole--1834/kitchen-table-2-chairs--12157012.aspx 6. Bathroom and kitchen cabinets http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-mobili-da-cucina-armadi-,-scaffaliali-per-cucine--663/urgent-sale-kitchenbar-moving-out-switzerland--12477842.aspx http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-stanza-da-bagno-accessori-per-la-stanza-da-bagno--1825/urgent-sale-moving-out-switzerland--12467768.aspx http://www.anibis.ch/it/casa-e-accessori-appendiabiti,-cantina-,-scaffali-portabottiglie-cantina-,-scaffali-portabottiglie--1820/urgent-sale-ikea-shelf-moving-out-from-switzerland--12467748.aspx  

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Hi Can anyone suggest an English Speaking Plumber who could come and give me a quote to fit my washing machine in. Thanks H

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Hello - I have some clogged pipes for a toilet and the kitchen sink. I have tried unsuccessfully to snake the drains and I am Looking for an english speaking plumber in the Morges area who is reasonable in regards to prices he charges. thanks 

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Hi, Does anybody know if one needs building permission to build a treehouse in your garden. As far as I can tell if its smaller than 5m2 and less than 2m high and movable( As in a garden shed) it is okay to build without prior consent. This of course will be a treehouse for my kids for the next few years but will be taken down once they are too old to use it, but would still like to know for sure if its legal or not.thanks in advance  

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Hello, You may found what you need in a new sharing economy service Tryngo!   Today we move from place to place frequently. But we can't buy home supplies each time. We don't want to buy a drill knowing moving in the next month.   Tryngo is a worldwide online platform to share objects, services, space and activities, launched in Geneva, Switzerland. If we need a drill just occasionally, it's mush smart to ask your neighbor than buy and leave it unused. As like, we can save money and contribute to the sustainable economy.   Cheers  Check and try it at www.tryngo.ch

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Does anyone know where I can buy one. I have guests this weekend and not enough beds...

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Hi everyone. I have recently found an amazing online shop for Kids rooms ! they have lots of Designers stuff such as furniture, Decoration, Lighting, Bed ,Toys and moreTheir Website is: www.mylittleroom.chTheir website is in English as wellif you need some unique birthday /Christmas presents - Its the right place for you. They always have some sales going on.

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Have just moved to a new apartment and need to install curtains ... I have all my curtains from my old apartment so I need a curtain maker and hopefully also a furniture uphosterer and cushions maker, as well as a wallpaper installer ... any one know of any good curtain and wallpaper service handymen or service providers ... thank you

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Deos anyone out there know of any companies that stock/supply replacement kitchen cabinet doors as I'm looking to replace the old, tired doors in our kitchen? There are plenty in the UK but I can't find any here (other than IKEA). Any suggestions/recommendations? ct

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Hi All Was wondering if someone knows a gardener that is reasonable and speaks English? Just looking for someone to get rid of the weeds and tidy up a bit as being pregnant is making it more difficult to bend down and get them!!!! Thanks Alison

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Does anyone know a store in Geneva that sells quality solid wood furniture? We're looking for wardrobes and drawer units. KT

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Can any one recommend a good handyman in Geneva, I have several pictures that need to be hung on walls. I'm only interested in recommendations. thanks    

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any recommendations please????house to do just outside geneva ...in france.

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We are moving to the Messery area in 2 weeks time and would appreciate any information about storage facilities for house contents anywhere in this region as we are going to be living in furnished accomodation for the first few weeks until we find something suitable to rent. Ta much to anyone who can help!!

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