Cleaning lady recommendation, once every 2 weeks?

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Hi, I live in Eaux-Vives and I was wondering if anyone has any English/Spanish/or Russian-speaking cleaning lady recommendations? My family is interested in finding a cleaning lady for cleaning/laundry once a week or once every 2 weeks. If possible, babysitting for a 21-month old as well. Does anyone have a cleaning lady that is available or interested. What are the common charges per hour as well in Geneva? (for a 2-bedroom apartment)


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I live outside Geneva, so can't really recommend anyone. The hourly rate, as I was told, is 20-25 CHF per hour.

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Did you receive any further help?

I am looking for a reliable cleaning lady for Lausanne. Preferably someone who speaks English/Spanish/German. French only is okay, too.

We would need someone two days per week for about three hours each. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Hello Todd,

Did you find a cleaninglady yet? As I am a student on an internship here in Geneva, I would be interested in helping you out. You can contact me at

Many greetings!

Gea Helms

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i saw youre adds in this for and i am interested applying as the position hire..i am currently working every afternoon and i have work in the morning tuesday and, i am looking for a job for the day vacant..i charge 25chf per hour..i am filipina..for more details kindly call me at 0762939862..i lie in geneva..thank you..


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I never consider using lady for cleaning carpets as I don't trust them at all. So, I prefer cleaning it on my own.

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