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Hi there, I am just wondering if anyone has any advice, info.? on returning to Canada? I came to Switzerland with my first husband and when that marriage ended and I was returning home I met a Swiss man! and we are now married. We are considering moving to Canada. I am a little concerned... as all the sites I have looked at suggest that the Canadain government "treat expats like the enemy"!! that is just one quote! and it is not that easy to return home? Any information is much appreciated.

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I shall be walking from my current home in the French Pyrenees, to the house where I was born, in Blackpool, Lancashire. I plan to take 70 days for the walk and to arrive 70 years, to the day, after I was born. I will be walking an average of 30 kms a day, 6 days a week, for 10 weeks. If anybody wants to follow my planning, preparations, training, and eventually the walk itself (starts on May 15th 2010) my blog address is:www.vicsbigwalk.blogspot.comAny helpful suggestions will be gratefully received.Vic Heaney

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am teaching English to a Russian student and he asked me if there were any sites where people go online - like a chat room, but especailly to improve their language skills. He would be wanting to practise his english. I suggested an ordinary chat room, friend making place, but he rightly said that perhaps it might not be so interesting for the other person if they wanted to make small talk and you wanted to know how to conjugate a verb in the past perfect...! Does any one know any sites like this? It would be a good resource to practise my French too! Thanks, Colette

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I have just returned from Geneva and fell foul of brigade that are rife in Switzerland.I was travelling on the number 10 bus from Bel air out to the Airport when these two men between ages or 25 to 35 Height 5ft 4 and 5 10 in one blond the other dark haired wearing green jackets and blue jeans, one did a great job of distraction by coming closer and closer trying to read his parteners news paper while the other lifted my mobile. I was shocked as I have travelled all over Europe and it has never happen to me before and in Switzerland of all places!

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So what happened to Zidane on Sunday night? he hasn't said anything yet, surely he'll have to give some sort of explanation soon. Mark

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I've heard that Brad and Angelina have called their baby Shiloh Nouvel which means The New Messiah. Isn't this going to be a difficult name for the child to grow up with and live up to? Jo

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