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How soon after our puppy has had its rabies shots can I travel outside of Switzerland with her?

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Hello! Looking for somebody to walk your dog or pet sit? I am flexible all during the week and on weekends. I have always lived with dogs and love taking them out.  I live in quartier Saint-Jean, very central and near the Rhone (perfect for walks). Please contact me more for information! christopher.loader6@gmail.com

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Hi there! Having a vacation on holidays? Going out of town? And looking for a pet sitter, housekeeper and watering your plants. Here I am, Irine  at your service in Vevey. You can send me by email  irinecantal23@gmail.com for more details. See you!

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Hello! I am moving to Geneva shortly with two Meyer's Parrots. I travel occasionally and need to find a reputable boarding facility for my girls right away. I'm having a very hard time finding anything. I'd prefer to deal with a business rather than an individual, because I don't want to be dependent on one person's availability. I would appreciate advice and recommendations.  Thanks, Paula

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Where would you recommend for a mini break with a young family plus dog? Within an hour or two of Geneva, Switzerland or France. thanks!

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A very exceptional Jack Russell terrier litter was born here around Geneva. The pups are very cute, both parents are multichampions. the father of the litter is world famous multi winner All Jack's Be Special. The pups are family-raised. Show prospect, great temperament, intelligence. Jack Russell is the best friend forever! Please serious inquiries via Facebook: May Harnish or +33640973443  

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I have a litter of 4 lovely little jacks born 12th December ready to go to new homes. 2 are already sold. One female and one male available , white with pale brown markings on head and tail. Contact me at anglo infor if you want more info. Sally Ann Moore, Elevage de Marly (30 mins from Geneva)

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I am looking for a regular dog groomer for my 12kg wheaten terrier.  She is very freidnly and loves to be groomed.  We live near Cornavin Please contact me by email (dariushyworon@gmail.com) stating your availiability and price if you are interested.    Darius

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Dear fellow pet owners,I’m currently doing a case study for my degree and i was wondering if you could take a few minutes of your busy day and help me out. If you live in the Geneva area or around and are a pet owner could you please help me by answering a few questions?This survey should take +/- 5 minutes. Thank you, for your time. For English Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DDC_Survey_enBonjour, Je suis en train de faire une étude de cas dans le cadre de mes études.Si vous habitez a Genève et dans les alentours, et vous êtes propriétaire d’un animal de compagnie pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît m'aider à répondre aux question de ce sondage?Il devrait prendre +/- 5 minutes.Merci pour votre temps.Pour le Français clique ici: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/s/DDC_Sondage_frPet Care in Geneva/Switzerland Surveywww.surveymonkey.com

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Our dog arrives from Senegal on Saturday 10th and we urgently need to find her a temporary home/ kennel for a couple of weeks until we move into our new house.  We are currently in an apartment and can't keep her there! Does anyone know of a good dog kennel within a radius of about 30km from Geneva? Many thanks

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Hello,  My boyfriend and I are looking for a kitten to adopt. We don't mind if they're male or female, as long as they're outgoing and playful. We live in Geneva, in a spacious apartment w a balcony. If you have kittens or know of someone who has kittens they're giving away please drop me a line here or email me: becerra2g@gmail.com.    Thanks! Gizeh B.

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Hi, I am looking for contact details of a dog sitter for our Lurcher dog, Eddie, he is a year old and very playful, he is on the large side and does require someone experienced, a homely environment is preferable. Many Thanks, Wendy

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We are looking for somebody who would be able to look after our dog over christmas for a week.

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Hi I just relocated from Dubai with a small one year old dog, we require walking three days a week and some care when we area away travelling with work , can anyone advise on good services in the Carouge area would be very grateful for any advice many thanks Jill

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Hello, My beautiful labradoodle has given birth to 6 spectacular babies There are 4 boys, and 2 girls Although she was completely seperated from our Newfoundland Walphie, they found a way..! The puppies were born on the 11/09/2013 and are currently four weeks old. Cookie is a non shedding, chocolate labradoodle, very intelligent, quiet and sweet natured; Labradoodles are commonly used as asistance dogs or gundogs due to their qualities Walphie is a black with a white blaze on chest, he is very loving and laid back; Newfoundlands are commonly referred to as a nanny dog, they are wonderful with children. Puppies are well used to be handled and love playing with our other dog and cats Their coats currently range from short coated and smooth, thick and dense, very wavy and long.. These dogs are more than likey not suitable for apartment living. If you have the love, the time and the space to give these incredible babies a home pls contact Siân at ricky.bebb@yahoo.com for pictures and more details.

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Hello everyone, I'm Ting, offering dog walker service in Geneva. I have experience in caring and understanding the dogs, as I also have 2 dogs of my own. My rate is only 15chf/h, working area can be all around Geneva. Just texting me +41 789 496 807 about the place ( how to arrive there by bus/tram) and time you need my service. I will come walking your furry kid. Anytime you need, from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM. I can also offer other domestic helps like cleaning weekend, senior care or serving staff in parties... at this rate. Thank you. Ting

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My children have decided that they want a puppy, a chocolate labrador if possible; For 2 months I have put up with their constant begging and promises. For me it is NOT possible, anyone any advice on dissuading them?  I really do not have the space/time/patience to look after a little pup however cute I find them. Jo

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  Hello! Looking for a pet sitter? I will take good care of your pets with love. Let's be friends in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveandcare.services1988 E-mail: yumegonzales@gmail.com Contact: 0766-139-832    

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We are new to the Rolle area and looking for a dog sitter for approx. 2 weeks in august. We have a medium size dog who loves to sunbathe and sleep (that's all she does whole day...she's very lazy). If interested, please contact me at tanya.todd@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Urgently need to groom a small ( 4kg's) Maltese Poodle as her hair is knotting and causing her (and us:-) pain. We are in Vernier Village and use public transport. We will also accommodate home grooming.So far all contacts we manged to collect are on holiday!We have battled in the past as well so I am considering doing it myself so I will also need suggestions as to where I can find the equipment please.We have relayed on a lady that takes our dog to her vet in France. Now we need an English vet and cannot find any near Vernier Village.The pet shops don't have a clue and the major vets advertising are booked up for very long periods and don't speak English or are difficult to reach with public transport.ThanksAndre

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