Beautiful puppies for sale

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Hello, My beautiful labradoodle has given birth to 6 spectacular babies There are 4 boys, and 2 girls Although she was completely seperated from our Newfoundland Walphie, they found a way..! The puppies were born on the 11/09/2013 and are currently four weeks old. Cookie is a non shedding, chocolate labradoodle, very intelligent, quiet and sweet natured; Labradoodles are commonly used as asistance dogs or gundogs due to their qualities Walphie is a black with a white blaze on chest, he is very loving and laid back; Newfoundlands are commonly referred to as a nanny dog, they are wonderful with children. Puppies are well used to be handled and love playing with our other dog and cats Their coats currently range from short coated and smooth, thick and dense, very wavy and long.. These dogs are more than likey not suitable for apartment living. If you have the love, the time and the space to give these incredible babies a home pls contact Siân at for pictures and more details.


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