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Urgently need to groom a small ( 4kg's) Maltese Poodle as her hair is knotting and causing her (and us:-) pain. We are in Vernier Village and use public transport. We will also accommodate home grooming.So far all contacts we manged to collect are on holiday!We have battled in the past as well so I am considering doing it myself so I will also need suggestions as to where I can find the equipment please.We have relayed on a lady that takes our dog to her vet in France. Now we need an English vet and cannot find any near Vernier Village.The pet shops don't have a clue and the major vets advertising are booked up for very long periods and don't speak English or are difficult to reach with public transport.ThanksAndre


Tanyss 1357351582

Hi there. I do in home grooming and am glad to help. Contact me and I will book you ASAP. I have a lot of experience with matted dogs and can help in the gentlest way possible.

Email me at or call 0033 6777 26886

Tanyss 1357351700

Typo: that website is

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