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My children have decided that they want a puppy, a chocolate labrador if possible; For 2 months I have put up with their constant begging and promises. For me it is NOT possible, anyone any advice on dissuading them?  I really do not have the space/time/patience to look after a little pup however cute I find them. Jo


wedding Belle 1152791236

Why not find a friend/neighbour with a dog that they could walk and play with, not a solution but maybe it could placate them for a while.

Jo-133959 1152898175

That could be a temporary solution, but then I'm worried that they'll get too attached to the dog or make them want a dog even more!


wedding Belle 1153135236

Make them pick up the poo, that should put them off, the less glamorous side of dog owning!

I do it all the time, even though in I'm not sure if it is the law, I just find it so annoying that no one else bothers!

I was stopped by a lady at the weekend who actually told me what a pleasure it was to see me cleaning up after my dog, I assured her that it is not a pleasure to do though!

Lidian Shark 1378128356

Puppies are a lot of work and a big commitment. They live a long time. I would pet sit occasionally so that they see how much work a dog can be.

marytv 1381056914

everybody wants a chocolate coloured labrador as they are so cute.  However they are extremely sociable (like most dogs thus should not be left alone for long periods) and need lots of exercise.  I had neighbours who got one and after about a year I saw him sitting bored in the garden and noone paying any attention to him (the novelty of it wore off!).  There are many abandoned dogs at the SPA (although fully grown) that need homes and/or regular walking.  Go to one of these centres at the weekends and help walk and clean up, that might help? 

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