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We are new to the Rolle area and looking for a dog sitter for approx. 2 weeks in august. We have a medium size dog who loves to sunbathe and sleep (that's all she does whole day...she's very lazy). If interested, please contact me at tanya.todd@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Youn will find a few companies providing pet sitting services here http://geneva.angloinfo.com/af/243/geneva-dogs-cats-pets-and-animals.html

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i adore dogs....back in india i had two beautiful labs...

in future anytime if u wish to leave your pets....let me know...will be more than happy to help you out...!

i stay in servette, geneva...

u may contact me at 0762601039


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Hi there,

Even if this post is already a bit stale... here's a new hint:

Anybody looking for a petsitter or pet boarding, have a look at www.tierpensionen-schweiz.ch.

The site is available in German, French and English and lists Swiss animal service providers, with detailed information about the services on offer.

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Sounds like the dog would love to stay with us. Two small dogs, small garden and lots of sun. No long walks any more, too idle.

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The vet in Rolle will give you a list of people.  I used a Mrs Fuzer? Spelling and she is dog mad.  and very sweet Prices are high round here be warned.  Good Luck


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Hello its FigleaF again here. I am living in Rolle. I have a small garden. My two dogs: One is petrified of her own shadow and the other one is deaf and blind so no long walks. Little one adores the sun. We live family life here and supper for them is 6 - 7pm. If your dog is over 8 kgs it is too big for me as I take in smaller varieties.  Best of luck finding a home for home for your pet.

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