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I have two male canaries about 2 years of ago and both sing beautifully.  Just last month one of them started to grow a very ugly growth on the back of his neck which is getting bigger by the day.  Does anybody know anything about what this could be and how I could treat it?

started by: Liz123-872033 · last update: 1348147689 · posted: 1347964250

We need a dog sitter for our friendly female Welsh Springer Spaniel newly arrived in the Pays de Gex.  She's affectionate and sociable, but doesn't like being left alone. She will need to stay in the dog sitter's home on occasional days, evenings and some weekends.  Also possibly half term week: 19-26 October.  References needed .

started by: RoseGay · last update: 1347333258 · posted: 1329381856

I'm looking for a pet-sitter who can stay in my home with my two dogs when we take trips - usually weekends only but occasional longer trips. Must love dogs and have references. Home is in Vesenaz.

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HI. we are looking for a petsitter for around 6 days over New Year.. it wlil involve dog walking, cat feeding and tortois monitoring (they should be asleep by then!) near Ferney voltaire on F bus route.. easy to get to..  please get in touch if you know anyone that mihght be willing to do this. .thanks Niki

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Greetings Our usual pet care arrangements have fallen through therefore we are in urgent need for someone to look after our 3 furry babies (cats) while we are on vacation from 24 August and returning on 7 September. We are not comfortable putting them in an unfamliar environment or Cattery hence we prefer someone to stay here in our house. We live in a lovely mountain chalet in the Valais (20 minutes from Martigny at Arbarey) so this job would be a nice experience for the Pet Sitter ;) If this could be of interest to you, please contact me urgently on 079 937 0386 or respond to this ad. regards Ayan

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Please get in touch if you are in need of a house/pet sitter from 2 August until early September. We are a mature couple and are experienced house/pet sitters and have excellent references to check. We look forward to hear from you.

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Are you looking for a Dog walker or Pet sitter? I'm a Pet lover, I'm caring, flexible, responsible, reliable, trustworthy & hard working person. I had a lots of Pet too. I have takencare dogs, birds, rabbit and a fishes before for many years. I'm well experienced and good at taking care a pet. I would love to walk your dog if you don't have time or sit for your pet when you need someone to care for them when you leave for your work or for your vacation. If you're interested please email me: jms6352@yahoo.com Please contact me: 077-922-1078

started by: Lee-149976 · last update: 1338064313 · posted: 1302514058

Can someone recommend a good dog groomer (English speaking) in Pays de Gex area? Just moved from the UK and have a hairy King Charles Cavalier who is feeling a bit hot and needs a trim. And any reccomendations for a good english speaking vet would be welcome Many Thanks, Lee

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Hi!Are you looking for a nice reliable person to look after your pet(s) when you're away? Then I could be the right one!I am a kind and affectionate 20 year-old student looking for a summer job in Geneva and environs. I live in Annemasse (France) and I already have experience as a dog- and cat-sitter but I love virtually all kind of pets.I'm available everyday, even on the weekend!LeonardoContact me : volknivart@hotmail.com

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Hello there, We are moving to the pays de Gex region from Brittany and want to bring our pet shetland pony with us! Does anyone know of some economic stabling we could find for him in the area? Or even a local farmer/horse owner who might want a companion for their own horse?Any help greatly appreciated, especially by my children!Thank you!

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We have recently moved to Gex and will from time tio time need a kennel or a reliable dogsitter for our 4 year old hungarian vizsla. She is kind and lively and needs quite a lot of exercise. Please contact Filip at +33633726514

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My situation is as follows: 1. Where we rented when we came to Geneva we befriended 76 year old lady that lives for animals. I assisted her when her old companion died and helped her get a new dog.2. She has a friend that she helped pick a small dog (puppy) 6 years ago.3. Her friend became mentally ill and neglected the dog for at least 2 years before the state stepped in and took over her affairs and put her in a mental institute.4. The dog was kenneled at the SPA for almost 2 years and our friend asked us if we would take the dog if she can get her out.5. We are extreme animal lovers and used to have at least 3 dogs and a couple of cats in our country of origin. (Plenty space and a big house) We also both grew up with dogs and we are now in our 50`s. I have an honors in Animal Behavior6. Our friend managed to get the dog out and we have had her since October last year and she has settled down very well. 7. We have since moved to an apartment with a small garden for her but not far from our elderly friend.8. We now wanted to licence her but could not as our friend was not entirely honest with us.9. The dog was signed over to our friend by the SPA on condition that the dog returns to the owner when she goes back to her apartment.10. As far as I can determine the dog's original owner has developed another mental illness and she will not be able to ever live on her own again. But apparently she still thinks of the dog as hers.11. Our friend is also showing signs of mental problems, but probably typical of her age as she is a strong woman.12 Oh, I forgot, I also completed the theory certificate for dogs required and she is chipped, vaccinated and more.13 Where we live now they are strict and come 1st April they will clamp down on dog owners without licences.14. Our friend is avoiding the issue as she gets into a state and starts drinking as she cant deal with these matters any more.15. Her own dog is not even licensed and she has little regard for the law as she still drives and I have experienced her dangerous driving first hand! :-)We have formed a strong bond with the dog and so has she. Actually she is too dependent on me. She becomes distressed as soon as she looses sight of her. I work from home and take her anywhere I can. She has a high tech carry bag witch she regards as home as she wants to get in the bag if she had enough of the outing.Our solution is to try and convince and help our friend to get the dog signed over to her officially. Its not clear if the owners custodian service can give this permission. I met the owner once but she disliked me because I am not Swiss and made it clear that she wont give me the dog. I also had a bit of a problem with the SPA director as I wanted to take a dog (before this situation developed) and even though I complied with everything he wanted he gave the dog to someone else. This was in the space of 3 days, one day being a closed SPA day. I wanted to know the who's, what's and why's of the situation so I could follow the protocol but language problems and his extreme hostile attitude made it impossible. My friend was there to help translate but could also not make sense out of the situation.So we are reluctant to go to the SPA to inquire and we cannot inquire to the state custodian as we don't want to lose the dog and get our friend in trouble or in a long winded legal process. She cant handle this.What we need is a person who knows the laws well that can tell us what to do, that is including our fiend and also help our friend with any paperwork.Once the dog is in our friend's possession, she can then sign over the dog to us and we can take all the legal steps.We will pay someone to help us if we have to.Please help!Thanks

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The Kittens that I posted a message about two months ago have now gone to new homes. Thank you to everyone who phoned about them Pam Robinson

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Do you have animals at home? Do you need to go out of town and feel uncomfortable leaving them in a kennel? Would you rather leave them safe and comfortable in my home, knowing that a responsible, caring, professional pet sitter is taking care of them? You want to go at Christmas (Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day), and you have no one to leave your pet?If you have further questions, please send email to homeanimalcare@mail.com, and discuss your specific desired arrangements or if you have further questions.

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I recently had a vet emergency in Geneva when my beloved labrador, Cody, showed alarming symptoms during the night. I can't bear watching him suffer so I rushed to our vet. He's been acting strangely a few days before that emergency and it has all been noted by the his vet. I really made the right choice in choosing this clinic because they offer 24 hr service. The doctor knows exactly what to do when we entered the door. My dog wouldn't have survived if I went to another clinic without knowledge of his previous records. So, if you're looking for a vet clinic in Geneva for your pet's regular health care, better choose one that offers emergency vet services 24/7. I highly recommend mine. The clinic is located just 15 minutes from Geneva and 15 minutes from Nyon. Here's their number: 22 755 55 33 and a story how the doctor came about offering this kind of dedicated service: http://www.expatgenevaforum.net/emergency-vet-geneva-022-755-55-33. I'm so glad Cody doesn't have to suffer the misfortune his dog went through.

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We are living in Plan-les-Ouates and looking for a reliable dogsitter when we are on holidays. Our dog is young and needs a lots of outdoor activity. You can contact us if you are interested and if you are available for 22nd december until 7th january 2012.

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We have two 3 month old kittens to give to good homes: one male, black and white, one female, a very pretty tabby. They are both litter trained, ready to go whenever someone would like them. They are very friendly and playful and purr readily when they come on to a lap or are stroked. Please contact us if you would like more information or photographs, by email or mobile: 076 708 5506.

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Are there any dog parks in the region from Geneva to Nyon? I have an energetic JR who would just love to let off steam in such a facility. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, We have seen an advert in the local paper for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and we are interested in buying one.Is there anything we should know about buying a dog in france?Any advice would be welcome, we have never owned a dog before and have two young children to also think about.Thank you in advance.Gillian

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We moved to Geneva area from the south of France last autumn and am trying to find out what form of tick/insect protection I need for my two dogs now we are coming into warmer weather - in the S. France they needed protection from Canine Leishamia sand fly as well as the normal tick and flea (Frontline) treatment but understand that isn't risk here. Is Frontline enough or are there other nasty threats I need to know about? Is there a more effective/alternative/recommened treatment toFrontline for regular ticks and fleas? We live in quite a rural area. The dogs have all the other correct vacines, worming treatment etc, etc.

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