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This Forum is for discussing animals in Geneva and the French Borders, whether tame or wild!-----Forums Administrator geneva.forums@angloinfo.com

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Could someone let me know the legal standing of my neighbour who has complained about my dog barking. I received a phone call tonight, for the first time, to say he was calling the police!! My dog does not bark excessively! What are my rights and what are his rights?

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We have just moved to Geneva and we have two small older dogs -- a Chihuahua, 20 and a Dachshund, 14 -- and are looking for a good kennel or home to keep them for a few days or weeks when we travel out of Geneva Kind regards,

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Can anyone recommend good boarding kennel and cattery (anywhere in the area Morges to Versoix)

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Can anyone help me locate a breeder or breed association for Boston Terriers and/or French Bulldogs within Switzerland or a reasonable driving distance? We are a loving, & responsible dog experienced family seeking a new puppy for our home in Geneva area. I would really appreciate anyones help, as we've exhausted our search and have not been successful. Thank You!!

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Hi all, I am offering a Chf 500 reward for the return of our two cats, which we believe have been stolen in the last day or so from where we live in Crans-pres-Celigny, Vaud. One is a one year old brown/tabby Maine Coon (big fluffy thing) the other a one year old moggie, again brown tabby, very small, short hair with unusually long legs. Please contact me on 079 596 3960 if you come across them. For those of you with cats, our local vets say that the theft of cats is getting quite common, so take of them. Best wishes, Bryn Thomas.

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I am currently looking to adopt a kitten but not a pedigree kitten and I am having no luck at the moment. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or advice would be great!Thank you Isabella

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Cute pomeranian puppy insearch for a new home.it is well trained and vaccinated contact through (dianeanderson@hotmail.fr) for informations

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Hi , My name is Maria .I live in Florissant-Geneva.I have moved to Geneva about 3 months ago because of my partners work.I do not work and I absolutely love dogs and I would love to dogsit your dog. If you do need dog sitter or a dog walker please do not hesitate to contact me.I live just opossite from a dog friendly park in Florrisant. My number is 0786860040. Regards,

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Free kitten 10 weeks; male. Available immediately. Kitty box trained. Contact Tom at tm@Garrahan.net or 078 806 8823.

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If you need to walk a dog, just let me know!Phone 076 740 5069

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We are considering buying a puppy on our visit here in the US. She will be 10 weeks on July 28th and we travel on August 9 (arriving the morning of the 10th) back to Geneva. She is intended to be our family pet. I am reading conflicting information on the rabies rules for puppies. Some sites say that no rabies vaccine is required for puppies under 5 months and others say under 3 months. We do not want to risk arriving at the border with a puppy that we will have to send back to the US. Does anyone know what the actual rule is? Does anyone have any experience bringing in a puppy? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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Last Friday, walking my dogs, Japanese Tchins, the older of the two suddenly slumped to the ground holding one paw up. I thought he had a heart attack - he is nine! I managed to coax him to get up and he ran along on three legs. Once home, I tried to take a look. No way was he going to let me touch the foot. So I got out the car, he limped into the lift and jumped into the car. I drove what would have been a three- minute walk, to the vet. Once inside he walked perfectly normally! The vet took him into the street where the dog, Joker, walked on three legs again! Back inside, the same thing. On four legs... out in the street he again lapsed into limping on 3 legs. The vet got me to hold his head still whilst he looked at the paw. He found absolutely nothing wrong! The dog was run around the surgery, always on four feet. Again, as a last chance, outside with the vet he ran on only 3 legs! I left, refusing drugs as the dog seemed to have no pain at all. Ever since, he has behaved quite normally! Anybody had similar experiences? I must say I chose an approrpriate name for the dog!

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German Shepherd, female, 8 months old, from pedigree parents, requires a good family home. Fully vaccinated, microchipped and passport. CHF 600.

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Hi, I will move to Geneva as of August with my 2 little dogs, a havanese and a powder puff . I'm looking for a dog walker who could walk them every workday early afternoon for 30 mins.. In case you are interested, please contact me at peczelyl@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot! Lilla

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A friend is moving to Geneva and looking to buy or adopt a Bernese mountain dog. Does anyone have any contact information for a breeder or a rescue society? Thank you!

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Hello, My husband and I might be relocating to Geneva for a job opportunity. Before we can even consider the job, I would like to make sure my dog can come with me. He is a pit bull terrier mix. We rescued him 3 years ago from the SPCA, so we don't know exactly what he is mixed with, but we think it's boxer. Are there laws against pit bull mixes in Geneva? I'm afraid that the country will not allow me to import him through the country. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello, I live in Geneva and am looking for someone to board my dog this weekend from Friday 12 March afternoon to Sunday 14 March afternoon as my regular dog walker is unavailable. Charlie is a 1.5yrs old, very friendly female Labrador - she loves everyone, so she will have no problem getting along with other pets (cats/dogs/etc) if you have them at home. Please let me know if you would be available this weekend and how much you would charge? Thank you, Stacy

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Need a dog sitter/walker for our 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback while we are away the week of 23-30 December. Would prefer 3 visits per day (Genthod), but may be able to arrange for two people to work together. Need feeding, walking, petting, and play for the week. If you are interested and available, please respond here, or contact me at 079-712-3731. Thanks. Donna

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Hi every one A friend brought my dog lovely leather dog dollar with guilt Farm animmals studded around it.I loved it but unfortunatly my dog lost it when we were out walking in the woods . I would be grateful if any body knows where I could purchase a replacement on line as I live in the North of France . Thank you regards Maddie

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