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Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding taking my pet dog back to the uk for a short break. We are driving back to the uk and need to know what is required to be able to take our dog with us. She is microchipped, has a petpassport and was vaccinated against rabies 12 months ago. Any advice would be greatfully recieved. Katie katkne

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We are shortly moving into Gland, near Nyon, with two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It would be great to have a vet recommened to us, preferably one who speaks English. Please email me with any recommendations to john.baxterbrown@btopenworld.com Many thanks. JBB John Baxter-Brown

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Hi, I am looking for a boarding kennels to look after my basset hound Meg. We are going away for 10 days over easter and I am struggling to find a kennels for her. Any help would be great. Many thanks Katie katkne

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Hello Could anyone advise approx costs for the compulsory dog liability insurance which I understand you require in Switzerland. Also how are the vet costs compared to UK and is it expensive for vet insurance. (I am bringing 2 , 3 year old dogs over soon) Thanks very much Marky

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I have a gorgeous Yorkie puppy-girl, she is really one of the most perfect puppies ever and she has an amazing pedigree with champion parents. Would like to find her a nice home but would prefer if people were willing to take her for a Dog Show because it would truly be the best puppy there. However, the most important is that she has a great family to live with. She is very kind and playful. If anyone is interested please contact me to my email for further information: alissa_atroshenko@hotmail.com Thank you, Best Regards, Alissa Atroshenko.

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they are well train akc registered vet check and on all their shots coming with all their papers and health guarantee any person interested should contact for more infos

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Dear all, I have a beloved, well-behaved two year old Rottweiler. My husband and I are planning to relocate to Geneva from the US next month. I had been looking up all the rules and regulations regarding bringing dogs into Switzerland but only recently saw all the restrictions on having Rottweilers. My dog is not pedigreed - she is actually a mix with a German Shepherd and is not pure-bred but looks it. I honestly can't believe how strict and difficult it all seems. My questions are: 1) If we are willing to go through all the hoops (ie buy insurance, etc.) is it possible to have a Rottweiler in Geneva or should we not even try? 2) Are the restrictions against Rottweilers only in Geneva? For example, would it make sense for us to try to live in a different Canton and commute? It seems like France also has a lot of restrictions. I am definitely willing to live a bit further from Geneva if it means we can have our dog with us. If you have any advice thank you VERY much. I only speak basic French so it is very difficult to navigate the various regulatory websites. Claudia McKay

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Hello, Im willing to walk small breeds dogs, such as Yorkshires, Westie, Canish, Maltese, etc (no short fur breeds).The dogs should be friendly because I already have two Yorkshire girls that maybe walking with us. I really love dogs! Your darling babies will be in good, loving and fun hands with me. I can also teach your pup basic commands, feed it if needed, take it to the vet or dogie hairdresser if needed. Depending on timing can doggy sit your little love at my house, of course with food and walking. I love dogs and my Yorkie girls are very friendly. I promise your dogs nice healthy walks and a lot of fun. If you are interested please contact me by the email: alissa_atroshenko@hotmail.com Thank you, Best Regards, Alissa Atroshenko.

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I am looking for someone who would be willing to take our doggie into their home for 10 days from the 14 - 23 of august. I have had really some bad luck with kennels and prefer that she stay with some one who loves dogs. She is extremely docile and great with children and other dogs. If interested, please contact me asap as we would love for you to meet our pooch. Thanks! Tanya

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I'm interested in finding someone who will come to my apartment to take care of my dog for 3 days that I will be absent. Does anybody knows about a pet sitter that is trustworthy? thank you Raquel

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Does anyone know a breeder of French bull dog, British bull dog, Maltese or American Eskimo? We moved in Geneva three months ago, our dogs died (one in a car accident and another in sick) last month. My family are really depressed since then... We tried to look for a breeder in here but it seems very difficult. Please help, any information would be appreciated. Big family

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We are relocating to the US and our lovely dog can't join us. He is 2 1/2 years German Shepherd purebred and very handsome with black and tan. He is very friendly and smart also good guard dog. He had all vaccinations and has all paper, microchipped. He is free if you are very affectionate owner. Please email me at kwonoy1@yahoo.com if you are interested.

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Hi, I just arrived in Geneva and I am glad to have found this forum where people speak English. I am here in Geneva as an accompanying spouse. My wife is posted here to work and I am looking for something to do. I love animals and thought maybe I can find something to do with animals while here. I have worked in a pet farm and pet shop before and I am great with dogs and cats. If there is anyone out there that needs a care taker to look after their pets, please contact me. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, I am looking for a male persian to mate my female. She is a beautiful white and gray persian of 3 years old. If anyone would be willing to arrange an encounter between them, as soon as possible, I would really appreciated. Thank you very much, Elena.

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Hello, I am moving to Geneva from UK and will be bringing my 2 King Charles dogs. I am getting their passports etc etc but just need to understand this please: I will bring them by car and can I easily cross the borders from France to Switzerland at any point with the dogs as long as I have passports with me? I am unsure if they can only cross the border at particular points??? Please help Thankyou Marky

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We have 2 fully fitted out and working aquariums for sale due to moving abroad.Great bargain at 150fr each.

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Hi, I am due to take my dog to the vets tomorrow in Geneva. She is insured under the house insurance ( a requirement in geneva) I am right in thinking that this will cover us for any vets bills (understand there will be an excess) or should I have taken out seperate pet insurance as well, like back in the uk? Any advice would be much appreciated! KatKne katkne

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I have two adorable female yorkies pups for adoption. Please contact me for more info. Thanks

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cute yorkie pups ready to go for adoption. mail back if interested for all details.mail via kingo4real@kittymail.com.this email is the only email i use. me

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Through the day. For company, short walk and feeding (Saint Cergue area) Please call 022 360 0010 edwinasilvester@bluewin.ch

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