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Max:2 year old black and tan handsome, exuberant, loving, and loved male purebred German Shepherd coming from an adoring home, needs to find a new family due to family relocation. Has lived outdoors his whole life, but would make an excellent house dog, as he is extremely affectionate with all members of the family. Loves other dogs and gets along with all dogs very amiably. Very playful nature, is always willing to play and run around with friends. Has very little experience with cats, however, and must be introduced gradually. Would make a good guard dog, as he barks at unfamiliar noises. Max is learning to walk on leash, and is not crate-trained, but can learn quickly. He is very intelligent, and well trained in many obedience commands. Max would preferably go to a family that is experienced with dogs, loving, English-speaking, and is ready to accept a warm-hearted canine soul into their hearts and homes. Has had all vaccinations, and all papers are in order (European Union passport, certification of vaccination).Microchipped, #250269600845353Price: 500 Euros Photos are available on request. If you have any questions or inquiries, contact us at:e-mail: michelle.h.kwon@gmail.com

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Hello, I am looking for a cat for an elderly female neighbor of ours, who suddenly finds herself living alone. she would like companionship, and is seeking a cat but does not understand the internet, therefore i am posting this request for her. please email me at jessica.brogan@gmail.com if you have a cat you need to give away, or know of one. thank you!

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Me and my wife have recently moved to the town of Morges with our two small dogs. We are looking for a local dog walker who could help us by walking our dogs when our work schedule makes it dificult for us to do so. I can be contacted at wrightsi@hotmail.com Thanks Simon

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Does anyone know where I can take my cat for groomig? (bath, trip, etc) Thanks

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We are expecting a litter of pups in late November. We will have red and blue pups. Both parents are fully resistered with papers and have been health tested (hips, elbows, eyes, hearing etc) and both have many shows and agility wins. These dogs make super agility / working dogs and need active homes (all homes will be approved). Thanks Gemma

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i am being transferred for a job position, in geneva. i have two dogs (border collie, and a aussie). through the web, i was able to find out that switzerland allows pets such as dogs, entry into the country without a quarantine, if certain blood tests and a micro chip is installed. these two have never travelled in an airplane. if a forum member(s), can shed any light on the entry requirements, possible difficulties, vet care in geneva, dog parks, or any information that may enable and easy transition for my two dogs, will be highly appreciated. thanks al al qazi

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Hello, We are relocating to the US, and our young cat cannot join us. He is two years old, sterilized and up to date on vaccines. He is an outdoor cat, but he spends half his time inside, cuddling intensely. He also plays fetch - he taught himself. He is free, if you are a very affectionate owner, you would let him outside frequently, and you live outside of a city, where he would have a garden or countryside to explore. You can see photos of him taking care of our kittens (when the mother was ill) at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessicamaier/sets/72157602507290269/ Please email me at jessica.broganATgmail.com if you are interested.

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Hi, I have just moved to switzerland and I would like to know where I can search for a kitten round Neon or round Genewa. Thank you, Hruskova

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Hi i am 16 years old and am enrolled in the international school of Geneva (campus des nations). I am looking for a dog walking opportunity to earn some extra money. I can walk dogs after school (3.30) in the Gd. Sacconex/ Nations/ Cornovain areas. Please email at jonathon.centofanti@gmail.com if you are interested.

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I have two cats, who are sisters and completely adorable. I need to find them new loving homes due to personal reasons. They are two and half years old, fully vaccinated, and have both had "the operation", fully house trained and very loving with children, and adults alike!! They have been brought up in a largish apartment but am would love a garden if possible, however not necessary. I will supply all cats boxes, food and litter that is left to the lucky person willing to adopt these beautiful bundles of fur. They are adorable, and very affectionate. Would suit anyone who loves cats!!

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I recently moved to my new permanent apartment and have waited a long time to be finally ready to adopt a dog. Does anyone know how to contact the shelters near Geneva? Are there any online? Thanks for the help!

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Puppies for sale :available from the end of August. Beautiful pale colours, males and females . price includes vaccination, pet passport / micro chip and vet's health check. Mother No. Tattoo: "2EXT061" Please telephone 33 450 563647 or email cash.elaine@wanadoo.fr

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Hello! Anybody Knows Where can I buy Doberman Pincher Toy in Geneva????

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For sale, pedigree Golden Retreiver puppies, born 28 June 08. Mother "Bumble du Clos Lucy" tattoo 2EXT061. Puppies available from last week in august / Early September. Pays de Gex(01) France.

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Hi All if any one is interested in joining me for a dog walk once a week in the GVA area then let me know! Am available throughout the day Alison

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I am a 28yr old student who is available mornings and evenings for dog walking/animal sitting. I am unable to have pets of my own here in Geneva so I would love some animal contact. I adore animals and am extremely reliable.

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Hi, All my pets are microchipped but registered with an Irish company. Can anyone tell me what are the main database companys in France and Switzerland that I should register my pets with. Or do need to do this via my vet? Thanks for any info.

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We are living in Nyon and I'm looking for a good vet for our dog. Has anyone been to the Centre de Santé Animale here? I'd be prepared to travel to someone who's particularly good. It would make things easier for me if they could speak some English.

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Hi, if anyone has a little kitten, I'd like to buy one. Thanks for dropping me a note at gktoriginal@hotmail.com Gaini

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Would anyone have a loving home for a 4 yr old cat, she's really friendly, a good mice and mole catcher and is a pretty short-haired tabby, with a white front..did grow up with two large dogs, so would soon get used to another, loves children and laps to snuggle up on and is still very playful.. If you can't home her do you know someone who could? dh-m

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