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We now have some sweet talking baby african grey parrots and Blue and Gold macaws available for new loving homes. All the birds are very tame, talking, wean and are good with children. They are also vet check and are good with other pets. All birds are ready to go now...... westght

started by: macwest · last update: 1207132798 · posted: 1207091778

Hi Folks Looking to get a Jack Russel pup, can anyone point me in the right direction. Many thanks Macwest

started by: BarbaraRD-136681 · last update: 1206269022 · posted: 1206269022

Kind and loving home needed for our little dog Molly. Molly is a black and tan with a little white on her chest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel number 25026900200756, who is 5 1/2 years old. She is very loving and of a gentle temperament and very good with children. She loves company and attention and she enjoys going for walks and is always ready to go on one. Sadly the reason we are looking for a new home for her is that my husband works away a lot and I have mobility problems, which are increasing. So I am no longer able to give her the care and attention she needs and deserves. She is fully vaccinated and no problems with going into kennels. If you can give Molly a loving home please contact us on 0033 450 401260 we live in the Pays de Gex, Ain 01 area just on the borders with Geneva. Thank you.Barbara

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Hi All Hoping you can help. I have a pet passport from France and was wondering if this is all I need to travel to the UK? The vet was very unsure about it (in fact I had to tell him some things) so just want to make sure before we travel in May. She has had all her vacs and jabs and is chipped. Thanks! Al

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If anyone is in need of a dogsitter in Geneva, please let me know. I have plenty of experience with all sorts of animals. I am 22, responsible and dependable. If you are interested please contact me.

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We are looking for a outdoor birdfeeder to give as a gift. Does anyone know where we could find one in Geneva? Thank Youlisa

started by: camfab-134444 · last update: 1201689842 · posted: 1167214659

looking for one in Geneva

started by: Saskia-135682 · last update: 1201569769 · posted: 1201426818

We are looking for somebody that loves and understands dogs to do some dog sitting whilst we are away. This is on an irregular basis. We would pay on an hourly basis. In Bassins, two lovely dogs.

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We are looking for a beagle and would appreciate any information.

started by: Fifi Sugar · last update: 1200315722 · posted: 1192204965

My friend is looking for breedders or for anyone who is selling or adopting away pugs...She is very interesting in having this travel size companion with her very soonShe is loocated in the geneva canton.. anyone have information please help :)!!! Thank you , Fifi sugar Fifi Sugar

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looking for reliable dog sitter who speaks english in the lausanne area.

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We are thinking about getting a small to medium size dog and would like to know if there are breeders near Geneva.

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We are looking for a kennel in France not too far from Chavannes-de-Bogis. We have the names of some kennels from the book "Know-it-all parents" but they are mainly in Switzerland. Help needed please.

started by: A,H-D · last update: 1194202419 · posted: 1164033845

Our lovely 12 month old cat Leelou, is looking for a little friend to play with. She'd prefer a mid to long-haired kitty (any colour)! Half persian would be fabulous. No pedigree required. Willing to adopt or to pay. The kitty will be guaranteed a loving home with very nice parents :-) *meow* Contact: 079 815 3012 or email: ayan.humbert-droz@ayan.info

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Hi. Does anyone know of any cairn terrier breeders in Geneva? My husband and I are looking to buy a puppy in the near future. Please advise. Best Regards- Christine

started by: Saskia-135682 · last update: 1190849337 · posted: 1190635955

We are very worried that our Beagle has developed a cancer (lymphoma). Since we just moved to the region we don't know who to consult. We prefer to see a specialist directly (Vaud/Geneva area). Who can we consult? Many thanks, Saskia

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Hi, I am looking for a good kennels in Geneva. Any suggestions?

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Although the AngloINFO site contains loads of info about Swiss Kennels and Catteries I am searching for one in Dept. 74 Near Cruseilles or Annecy. Anyone know of a reputable Cattery beteween Geneva & Annecy? I'd like one nearby & I don't want to cross the border with the cat unless I have to, he's an old Moggy and doesn't like travelling.

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Hi All My hubby and I were thinking of getting a Bernese Mountain dog. We do not have any children yet so were wondering if they are good family pets? Does anyone have any experience with this breed? We have both had large breed of dogs before but would like to know a few opinions before we take the plunge! Its not just for Xmas you know!!!! Thanks Alison

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Hi I live in Vaud and have already hopefully sourced a weimaraner breeder in France who will have puppies within the next few months but if any one knows any breeders it would be great to have a back-up plus any advice generally about the pros and cons of a weimaraner. I was thinking of getting a pug as well but now feel one puppy is enough to start with - however if anyone has this weird combination of dogs please let me know what its like! Lastly, is there a good training or obedience school in the vaud or geneva region anyone can recommend that I can take my puppy to? thanks Sally

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