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I recently moved to Geneva and I would like to get a cat but my boyfriend is allergic to most breeds. I had an abby/sphynx mix before which worked well and I would like to find something similar but I dont know where to find one. Thanks

started by: nicki-135242 · last update: 1182864569 · posted: 1182864569

looking for a dog lover to take two adorable pooches for walks during the working week.

started by: boxtalks · last update: 1182782135 · posted: 1182782135

Hello, I'm a french/english speaking dog lover who is available to look after dogs on a short term basis (1 hr - 1 week). I'm based in Coppet but happy to travel in the Geneva-Nyon region. If interested please call Sean at: 022 557 9991 or 078 908 9952.

started by: perastroika · last update: 1181731104 · posted: 1178738676

Does anyone know how difficult it is to find accommodation in the Geneva area when RENTING with cats? Do landlord's generally look favourably on letting to persons with cats?

started by: ML-135153 · last update: 1181305002 · posted: 1181228078

Hi everyone - Are there dog parks (securely enclosed/fenced area) specifically for dogs in the Geneva or bordering area of France? Thanks!! ML

started by: kat-133955 · last update: 1180819337 · posted: 1146562748

Hi I live in Geneva and regularly cross the border, I am thinking of getting a dog. What do I need to do and does anyone have any recommendations of where to get one from? Thanks

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Hi Can anyone out there help me I am doing a survey on how many dogs and cats there might be in the Geneva area. Anyone know where I might find this info or does anyone know the answer. Thanks for your help, looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you so muchBarbara

started by: lastchild-134409 · last update: 1179835358 · posted: 1179750322

Hi Does anyone know of an english speaking vet in St Julien en Genevois? Got to get our cat microchipped and jabbed ready for our move to Lisbon. Thanks Ellen

started by: Barbara-134541 · last update: 1177594599 · posted: 1171812750

Molly who is a 5yr old Black & Tan [a little white on her chest], Cavailier King Charles Spaniel. We have a new grandson who is sadly allergic to Molly's coat. She is a friendly, lovely, adorable little dog, house trained and can do some tricks. We are very sorry to have to let her go, but our little grandson must come first. If you can offer Molly a loving home please call 0033 450 401260, we live just over the border in the Pays de Gex area. Thank you so muchBarbara

started by: Olshegre · last update: 1176390912 · posted: 1176375741

We're looking for a shelter for our dog while we go on holidays in July. Does anyone know of one close to Nyon. Thank you.

started by: Inx · last update: 1175698984 · posted: 1175690025

We live in France and are coming to Switzerland with friends in the summer on holiday. Our dog will be coming too. Please does anyone know if any documentation is required on entering Switzerland for the dog? Or do we have to prove where the dog has come from, as we may be in our friends English plated car. Thanks. Inx

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Does anyone know how to obtain a dog licence in Geneva? and what documents do I need for it?

started by: fin-134598 · last update: 1170976924 · posted: 1170714712

I recently moved to Geneva (living on the French side) and I am in need of a reputable boarding facility for my cats and dogs. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi All. We are a British family living in Brittany France. We have a specialist farm and we produce haylage for horses. We are currently looking to expand our distribution to Switzerland and wondered if anyone would be interested. Perhaps you run a school or livery yard and have storage facilities as well as local market knowledge. Our details are here: http://www.haylage.biz or you can call us on +33 297 239165 Thanks for looking...........

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I am moving into a house in Vaud this month together with my 2 cocker spaniels. Lovely dogs - but somehow they never learnt French (i.e not barking most of the time) in their time in France - and seems that they need to learn some Swiss (i.e not barking at all...........). Has anyone gone through the process of getting adult dogs to stop barking? Have heard of the Citronella collar - anyone tried this? Also - anyone tried the sonic collars?

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Should ALL the dogs in Geneva wear masks when they are out in a few days? I first heard that it's only some dangerous types should do so, but recently it seems that NO dogs are in exception. Is it true? When will be the exact day to be executed? Is it only a temporary measure? I understand it's all due to some tragedies caused by dogs but this measure is so unfair to those tame and friendly dogs. Do you agree? Palsara

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Does any one have any tips on how to get rid of flies and mosquitos, it is not a plague but just very annoying! What are the best products on the market? I bought a fly spray but it smells awful and frightens the cat...

started by: kat-133955 · last update: 1150131848 · posted: 1148400582

OK so I ahve got my dog and life is great, but where can I get toys/food/stuff for him? I saw some stuff in the supermarket but the range looked a bit limited. Thanks

started by: Justine-134005 · last update: 1148912469 · posted: 1148905571

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a pedigree Persian kitten, preferably in the Morges/Lausanne area? Thanks, Justine    

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Can anyone recommend, or does anyone know of an English speaking vet in the Geneva area? Any help appreciated! Marine

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