Boat Rent in Geneva lake - but in France

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Hi All, I have an international Boat permit for Sailing and Motorboats, no power limit and up to 24m, obtained 6 years ago in Italy. Ridiculously this is not valid in Switzerland so I'm willing to rent a decent boat in France.  does anybody know any motorboat rentals in France but next to Geneva? somewhere beteween Geneva and Yvoire would be perfect I'm not interested in 10/20hp boats or boats with drivers further to this, does anybody know any source where to find navigation rules for the lake? (in case there are specific ones for this lake) thanks all in advance for your replies Alberto

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Laurent Hayoz 1448296089

Dear sailing enthusiasts,

If some of you are still looking for sailing / boating classes or rental, you are welcome to visit (french & english) !

Also you will find various informations about sailing & motorboat license and rental.

Please feel free to ask any questions !


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