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Hello there Can anyone help me as I am a little confused having received lots of differing information. I am a Brit living in Vaud and hold an ICC - International Certificate of Competence, for the coastal waters of Europe. We are getting a motor boat transported here (10m) and I have been told, all I need to do is to take CEVRI test (theory test), which extends the certificate to include European waterways and inland waters. Now someone else is telling me I may need to do a practical exam. Any advice would be much appreciated or even an address where I can get the information from. Thank you


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hi Merrybrood. I moved to Geneva in June and have recently applied for an ICC from the RYA. I took my Level 2 powerboat course on coastal waters in the UK (on the Solent, in fact) a year or two back and thought it would be handy to be able to hire a boat hire (I don't have one of my own). When I spoke to the RYA last week I asked about the issue of inland v coastal waters. I was told by the RYA that for the permit to be valid here on inland waterways I would need to take the CEVNI theory test. It's a multiple choice test, would take about 30 minutes and that's it (can be taken on test-only basis in the UK if you have your ICC or Level 2 powerboat qualification already). I have not heard of a CEVNI practical exam, I suspect that the person you've talked to may be confusing the word 'test' with 'exam'. I'm going to take my CEVNI test next time I'm back in the UK, probably the end of the month.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your response and I may well do the same as you. However, after further discussions with different people, it seems that the CEVRI is all you need throughout Europe but the Swiss seem to want you to take a practical exam and don't recognise the CEVNI. I was told exactly the same as you by the RYA but several people (in the boating world) seem to think this is not the case. It is very confusing and as soon as I find out anything further, will keep you posted. Interestingly, apparently many British tourists here that hire or use boats, tend to just use their British licence and this is ok but it does seem to differ for residents. The more I hear the more confused I get!

kaymanisle 1250034178

Thanks, would much appreciate it if you keep me posted. Interesting if you know of people who've been allowed to rent using their RYA pass - they've certainly had more luck than I have. I have already tried to use my RYA pass to hire a boat and it was not accepted in France (at Annecy) or in Geneva - unless I wanted a 9hp boat, for which they don't require any permit at all (but frankly I could row quicker).

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Also very interested in the answer. I've got an RYA day skipper and therefore therefore my ICC. I want to rent a boat next may for 4 or 5 need to find out if 1) the quailification is sufficient and 2) can I find a reasonable bareback charter - 30/35 foot - sailing boat.

Any information would be great.



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I also hold an ICC however mine also includes inland waterways, I undersrtand that I may have to take the theory test but havent really got into it yet, but so if yours doesnt include inland waterways you may have to take a practical test.

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Hi All

The answers for the Swiss side:

It's not in Europe, they make their own rules. The website (with all the rules for Vaud) is here (Service des automobiles et de la navigation - SAN)

If the boat is less than 8hp you don't need a Swiss licence; if it is more than that you do need a Swiss licence. No other licence will do.

For the French side, I understood that an ICC Inland with a CEVNI (the theory test of european signs) is enough.

I am trying to find out the official website that gives you all the info for France though. If anybody knows where it is (and what rules govern launching your own UK boat; it's europe so they should be aligned with the UK).



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