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Hello, I will be moving to Geneva soon for a new job and am looking to live across the border in France. I have a horse which I will also be bringing and am interested in finding stables which have good outriding. I also enjoy dressage but really want to be able to ride out on forest trails on the weekends. We are just starting to search and I've been looking at the commute into Geneva and house prices. I think we will be looking in the area of Sciez. Does anyone have experience of stables in that area and is there good hacking available? I considered Pays de Gex but the commute looked a bit longer. Many thanks for any advice on areas to look at. Allie

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Hello ! I live in Loisin and have our horse at the Bruderli's barn at Veigy. We are very content there, good indoor, stables are clean, horses well fed. There is a mixture there of jumper and dressage riders, as well as pleasure. We can ride out (safely) on a few country roads, and also have direct access to the woods. There are turnout fields -- only open when they are dry enough (i.e. not muddy) and there is an outdoors sand ring (idem). You can google their internet site "Ecuries de Veigy" - family Bruderli. I am an independent riding instructor and have been at this barn for a number of years.

There is also a barn at Sciez -- Alain Maury - Ecuries du Leman -- lovely outdoor ring, and big covered ring -- not as clean as Veigy -- but also very nice.  More specialized in show jumping, and there is a poney club there.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further info

Karen Stevenson

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