Looking for local advice, things to do etc.

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Hi French/Canadian/Scottish couple, late 20s. We are new to the Haute Savoie / Geneva area and are looking for fun things to do in our spare time. Can anybody recommend a good weekend market with local produce, or good towns to visit, nice nature trails to follow etc? Also, does anybody know of a 10 pin bowling league in the area? I'm keen to get involved in a sporty team of some sort. Thanks very much


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You can find plenty of things to do in the What's On events guide here http://geneva.angloinfo.com/information/whatsontoday.asp

There is also a list of markets there too.

For some info on outdoor activities have a look here http://geneva.angloinfo.com/information/11/outdoors.asp

As for bowling there is a bowling alley at La Praille, one of the biggest in Switzerland http://www.la-praille.ch/

I'm afraid I can't tell you if they have a league - but they should be able to tell you...

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