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Can anyone recommend a good teacher for pilates or yoga. And what is the real difference between the two, which is best?


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You can find somne places for yoga or pilates here


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Hi Ginni,

for yoga you might want to check out http://www.innercityoga.com
Classes are for all levels, and spoken in English (mostly) and French. They have a non-dogmatic approach and are very friendly in a beautiful setting.

For Pilates, you might check out http://www.thepilatesroom.ch

Yoga vs. Pilates:
Yoga is a 5000 year old discipline that works on the entire body and mind, literally from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. While focusing on a steady breathing in all postures, even if you are twisted like a pretzel, you will learn to let go of all tensions, while strengthening the body. Eventually, all this physical exercise will help you to let go of emotional stress, rechanneling your energies; at the end of class, you will feel light as a feather, promised!

Pilates has been invented in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates to reeducate dancers' hurt bodies. He then invented all these machines (look a little bit like torture chamber…) that help reinforce the bodies. Generally speaking, Pilates exercise will take care mostly of your core, focussing on the abs and lumbar.

On a personal level, I obviously prefer yoga…

Enjoy your practice!

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Poweryogi had it right-- yoga works more on the whole body whereas pilates focuses on the core. I personally love pilates as I tend work the rest of my body in other sports and need to strengthen my core. But, I recommend doing both as I think they really compliment each other, and every time I've practiced yoga I've loved it.

On another note, I left my pilates mat at home when I moved here, and need to buy a new one-- does anyone have a suggestion of where I can go? I've seen "exercise mats" but they were neither specifically for yoga or pilates.

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Thanks for the info - I think Pilates is more what I'm looking for. As for the pilates mat, maybe they sell them or can provide them at the Pilates room? In any case they should be able to tell us where to get one from.

If you do find one - let me know where and vice versa

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hello everyone,

innercityoga sells yoga mats (should also work for pilates) in different thicknesses.

good luck your pursuit of happiness!

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