where to go for apple picking?

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Greetings, Can anyone recommend a farm around Geneva where a family can go and pick apples? Thanks, Leanne


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I don't know of a place to go and pick apples but there is an orchard that sells their produce in Versoix http://www.pomme.ch

You could try contacting them and see if they let you pick your own apples or if they just sell them.

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I've been to the farm and love their apples and juice. It's super and I recommend it. But I was told only they do picking. Thanks anyway!

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This is a little late, but I just joined the discussion forum.

I have asked the same question, and I found one place. If you get off the autoroute in the direction of Divonne, take the left at the first circle that takes you toward the Chavannes Center. Instead of taking the next left for the Chanvannes Center, go straight. In a mile or two you will come upon an apple orchard on your left. Bring your own bag/bax, and they weigh it when you're done (after mid-October you weigh your own on an honor system). It is across the street from a large barn that sells Christmas trees in December, and garden plants the rest of the year.


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Forgot to say that there are likely no more apples remaining as it is too late in the season. Late September /early Oct is the best.


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