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Hi everyone, Since I'm unable to use my shilouette subscription any longer, I need to find another person to whom I could transfer my subscription.The shilouette fitness center is located in Charmilles and they offer a wide range of programs : http://www.silhouette.ch/ENGLISH/default_eng.htm So if you're interested, please let me know, you would do me a huge favour :)

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Looking for a warm atmosphere on a cold winter night? You are invited to an evening of fun, great music, good food and dance at the AOAC FUND RAISING CEILIDH on Saturday, January 28, at the Campus des Nations of the International School, Route des Morillons, 1218 Grand-Saconnex. Doors will open at 18.30 and the wonderful Loch Léman Ceilidh Band from Lausanne will lead the dancing from 19.00. Free parking is available beside the school.All net proceeds will go to the fund for the new organ in the Auditoire de Calvin (see our website http://sites.google.com/site/orguedeauditoirecalvin/welcome)The deadline for ticket sales is Monday 23 January. Tickets are limited to a maximum of 250. Why not make up a group? Tables in the dining room hold 8 people.So get together with your friends!Tickets at CHF 70.- including dinner and aperitif, are available from Peter Tulloch, tel. +33 450 411723 or mobile 076 240 3760. Payment by transfer to the AOAC bank account, IBAN CH36 0024 0240 4893 8001 M.

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Hi, I'm looking for a Sports Masseur for work on legs (hamstring & calves) as part of my marathon running program. I live in Petit Saconnex, work in Petit-Lancy but anywhere in Geneva is OK - English speaking Masseur would be great. Look forward to hearing if anyone has found a good one. Thanks.

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Hello, I have a young son - will be 4 in december, 2011 - who is desperate to participate in real sports activities, and is quite capable for a 3 year old. We have already found intersoccer and he loves it. Can anyone recommend some other sporting activities that actually accept younger children such as hockey, baseball/tee-ball, tennis, golf, ... We live in Divonne, so could go anywhere from Geneva to Lausanne. Kind regards, Nicole Riley

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We have recently moved from the USA where my teenage son played Lacrosse and we are looking for other expat teens who played or want to learn to meet up to play. Or if you already know of a group who does please let us know. Merci d'avance !

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Hello, I am a spanish man in Geneve! (from Barcelone), and I leave in geneve since 1 month, for my work.I would like to meet a lot of people, because as it is an incredible city, I think Genevan are incredible too !!!! I have find a guide which explain what to do in geneva so, I have every day a quick drink in the several pubs , I like "le bar de l'Ile" ! I go out every week end in discotheques, I am used to go in a fitness club... By doing sport, I have made some friends... but only 2 or 3... I would like to meet a lot of people , I would like to feel at home : if you have ideas or advices ...

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I have moved into a new house that has a Sauna , I am looking for someone to service the Sauna, the people I have treid so far are only interested in supplying new any advice would be welcome.

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Hi, Does anybody know if there are any running/athletics clubs for seniors in and/or around the Nyon area? Thanks in advance, Martin

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Need a Cricket bat size 6 to give as a birthday present by next saturday 21st May preferably newdoes anyone know if there are any sports shops in or around Geneva that stock cricket equipmentthanks in advance for your help,TB

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Hello, I am a 32 year old Australian female looking for another female to go walking with on some evenings/weekends. If you are interested and live in Genthod or Bellevue (as I am in Genthod) please let me know. Kind Regards Tabitha

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Hi I just moved to Geneva and am looking for somewhere where I can learn to box - can anyone suggest any clubs? Thanks!

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I am looking for a company in the Geneva area that will supply and instal home gym equipment (in particular a multi-gym).

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Hello, Please can anyone recommend a good place or teacher that offers swimming lessons to babies specifically and possibly adults. Thanks

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I am a qualified english swimming teacher looking for a warm indoor pool to teach swimming to adults and children. I have 12 years experience teaching swimming and miss it terribly. Please contact me with any information to help me get started..I live in Thoiry near french/suisse boarder so looking to rent a pool/swim lane in this area. Looking forward to your help and advice.. Erika

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Hi, does anyone know a nice portrait drawing course around Geneva/Nyon? Alternatively I am looking for a group of people to start a portrait drawing group. No experience needed. Just enthousiasm! Anyone interested?

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Hi there, Any guys free to hang out during the week in Geneva?Let me know.Cheers.Leo.

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Hello. Just moved here. Does anyone know if there are some bicycles clubs MTB or racing near Anierés? It might be in France as well... Sincerely Kathrine

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Does anyone know of teachers or places that provide signing lessons (private or group) for young children (6-7)? Many Thanks Jacob

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Hi, I'm moving to Aubonne in a few weeks and was wondering if there was a decent gym (with machines & free weights) nearby, I've looked at Silloutte and California's websites, but there branches seam a little far from me.I would also like the gym to be equipped with technogym machines, if that's not too much to ask,thanks for your helpBen

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Hello, stage 8 will bring cyclists to the area, and I'd like to go and see them pass between Bellegarde and St Julien. Any ideas on where to go, where we'll be able to park, what time to get there, etc? I can't find any info online. Thanks!

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