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Which are the best places to go nearby for skiing. Also does anyone know of any ski resorts with a creche to look after a baby while the parents ski. Thanks for any info

started by: zone3ADK · last update: 1201181610 · posted: 1201125872

Hi, We expect to be moving to Switzerland this summer. We are an outdoors family that likes to fish, camp, hike and hunt. I have found little info on hunting and fishing in Switzerland. Can anyone shed any light on these opportunities there? Thank you,Doug

started by: psychout · last update: 1198744269 · posted: 1198289328

I moved to Gex this week from San Francisco where I had been living for 27 years. My wife has taken a job working for an NGO in Geneva and I am interested in the following: (a) fun running clubs and races in and around Geneva (b) schools that might be interested in either a full time or part time person to teach either psychology or law (c) suggestions as to where and how to get started taking French lessons (d) opportunities for freelance journalism (e) list members best piece of advice for what worked really well for you when you first got here.

started by: Peter Sibley · last update: 1196940552 · posted: 1196355570

I am at the early stages of organising a cycle ride around Lake Geneva on June 8th next year. The ride is an informal sponsored cycle for fit cyclists who can choose between a 120km and 180km route. It's completely free to do and there is simply a commitment to raise some money for an established cycling charity called SuitsonBikes. We tried it out last year with a group of about 16 people and it was big success. There is a basic website - please feel free to visit it and spread the word - we are looking for a good crowd for a fantastic day's cycling. Let me know if you have any questions that aren't on the website. Peter Sibley

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Can anyone recommend a good shop to buy a good quality mountain bike - new or used. Or has anyone got one to sell?

started by: Jimbo-133979 · last update: 1196156266 · posted: 1194861124

Anyone know of some good areas for mountain biking - within one hour of Geneva?

started by: jpodrats · last update: 1193652251 · posted: 1193444472

I'd like to get involved in an organized basketball league or a weekly run - does anyone have info on this? Thanks.

started by: Mark-133964 · last update: 1192018418 · posted: 1191948608

I'm thinking of trying some nordic walking this winter, Are there any clubs or groups for this in the area?

started by: mhairimac-135637 · last update: 1190827438 · posted: 1190733288

Help please, I am looking for a horse riding school near messery. chens or douvaine that may have other english speaking children. My daughter is 12 years old and is desparate to continue her riding since we moved here but she has no French and is very shy of speaking French. Are there any stables who have English speaking children and /or instuctors who speak English ?

started by: dougcall · last update: 1190408635 · posted: 1189961550

Hi, I'm an avid Fitness walker and Hiker and wondered if anyone can suggest some good walking trails or Hikes around Geneva. I'll be arriving on 20th sept - 24th sept. Travel, Excitement, Fashion and Danger!

started by: gshak · last update: 1185477900 · posted: 1185477900

Hello, I am new to Geneva, working for the UN. Looking for a tennis partner to play preferably twice a week or more, or less, depends on our schedules. I am not a beginner, but not a tennis animal either, I'd say somewhere close to intermediate. Location-wise preferably Geneva, but can be flexible. Please email George at: gshak@yahoo.com

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Hi Does anyone know of any good horse riding schools/yards in the Gland/Nyon area that speak English? I would like to start horseriding again....I would also be interested in getting back into helping out on the yard too. Any contacts/help are much appreciated! :)

started by: Susie Redfern · last update: 1183880664 · posted: 1183503178

I would like to join a netball group, I have tried the link to email Kellie , but am having no luck. Can anyone redirect me?

started by: subingeorge · last update: 1182001559 · posted: 1181912936

Hi Friends, I recently moved to Geneva for work from India, I would like to take some swimming lessons during this summer. Could any one tell me where in Geneva there are swimming classes for Adults?? Thanks, George

started by: Kat J-134358 · last update: 1180620577 · posted: 1170346795

I am not sure if I am asking a silly question, but I'll ask anyway: I never skied in Switzerland and was wondering what tghe difference is between Swiss reorts and their counterparts in Italy and France which I know better. Are there different rules? What do the pisteurs do?

started by: geneva123 · last update: 1179869750 · posted: 1178294290

Does anybody know of good places to go fly fishing? Are there any English-speaking clubs or guides? Thanks,

started by: igamogam · last update: 1179044716 · posted: 1168012569

Just moved to the area, have time on my hands and I'm getting flabby. Wonder if anyone fancies company on rides during the week. I only have a road-bike at the moment and I'm not very fit but I can stand a couple of hours riding and it's better in company. Ideally a small group who don't want to race but wouldn't mind a 'fitness' outing, maybe a café stop on longer runs. I'm looking to ride a "Sportif" later in the year but really I'm starting from scratch [again!] and just want company on progressive endurance rides.

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Does anybody know when is Geneva marathon taking place? Is it any good and how does one register? Thanks,

started by: Jeff B-134868 · last update: 1176373867 · posted: 1176307530

Hi, I'm a transplanted Canadian and my hometown Ottawa Senators start the NHL playoffs tonight. Anyone know where I can watch hockey games, or if any of the local TV stations carry them? Thanks, Jeff

started by: nicky-134555 · last update: 1173359682 · posted: 1172682434

Hi, Does anybody know a good golf store in Geneva? Thanks,

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