started by: Dave-134472 · last update: 1172932530 · posted: 1172596648

Hi, Does anyone know a pub/bar in La Cote region that shows Sky Sports (eg, English football)? I know some places in Geneva, but am looking for somewhere a bit closer to home (I live in Rolle). Thanks!

started by: PeterB-134639 · last update: 1172182849 · posted: 1172048137

Hi, is there a ski area near Geneva where one can go ski in the evening after work? Or at least somewhere very close by, so if you take half a day off work you can get a couple of hours of decent skiing?

started by: Dave-134472 · last update: 1172049454 · posted: 1171462304

The European football championships will be held in Switzerland/Austria next year. Does anyone know a bit about how this will be organised? In particular, I wonder if any matches will be played in Geneva and if so, how to get tickets. As a long suffering England fan, I have my doubts whether we'll even qualify for this one, but in case we do it would be great to see Rooney & co in the flesh, even if only for the traditional quarter-final exit on penalties...

started by: Dave-134472 · last update: 1169915366 · posted: 1169059147

Hi, I'd like to go skiing this weekend, but with all this warm weather I'm wondering if it's worth it. Has anyone been skiing in the last few days and can anyone recommend a resort that's got some decent snow right now. I've checked the various snow reports, but it's not the same as hearing from someone who was actually there. Thanks very much.

started by: Jivebaby-134257 · last update: 1169684688 · posted: 1169684688

I have an appt in Samoens and from time to time simply run out of friends to ski with and wondered if there are any other members living nearby or in Geneva who may be in a similar position and good offer the odd day to pair up for skiing? Next trip will be 3rd-8th Feb and I'll be available for the odd day or so. Please email me on the A.I. Link Jivebaby

started by: peppa-134481 · last update: 1169198572 · posted: 1169198572

After two babies in the last three years, the time has come to deal with that flabby tummy...... Does anybody know of any good pilates courses?

started by: Ana-134395 · last update: 1168607396 · posted: 1167872630

hello, a friend is coming over from the UK with his girlfriend and we want to take him skiing. Any recommendations for a resort within 1-1.5 hours from Nyon? We have already been to Leysin and Les Diablerets but would like to try something new. Thanks, Ana

started by: Jo-133959 · last update: 1164794423 · posted: 1164728263

Does anyone know when the Christmas ice skating rink opens in Geneva? Jo

started by: Mark-133964 · last update: 1161709714 · posted: 1161614101

Getting ready for the winter here, where can I go and get my skies fixed? Don't want to leave it until the last minute. Mark

started by: Mark-133964 · last update: 1161700653 · posted: 1161614208

My girlfriend is going to learn to ski this winter - i don't want her to have to rent skis every time we go, has anyone got any skis that they want to sell?- don't want to invest in brand new ones in case she hates it Cheers

started by: Jimbo-133979 · last update: 1159783511 · posted: 1159355388

Where can i find a decent shop to buy a work out bench? Don't have time to get to the gym! Any recommendations? Jimbo

started by: Ferney-133999 · last update: 1158925021 · posted: 1158750693

Can anyone advise me on sports activities for kids in the Gex area? My 8 year old would like to do athletics. either Wednesdays or Saturday mornings. Would like to avoid after school if possible. Thanks Ferney

started by: marine-133967 · last update: 1156786784 · posted: 1156524876

has anyone tried Pilates? or can anyone tell me if it is really as good as everyone seems to be making out Everyone seems to be talking about it and saying how great it is  so I thought I'd give it a try as part of my get back into shape plans for September;  

started by: JamesMarshall · last update: 1156242644 · posted: 1156067845

Anyone know of any golf courses that would suit an ok player that wants to improve his game? Willing to travel a bit, so location is not too much of an issue. Thanks

started by: kate-134130 · last update: 1155896082 · posted: 1155857470

As I am new to the area, was wondering if anyone could recommend a good gym? Nothing too fancy but a decent amount of machines and a good variety would be perfect. Maybe even some dance classes...thanks.

started by: Mark-133964 · last update: 1155810184 · posted: 1155467150

Anyone any experience of GPS watches for running and cycling. Where can I get hold of one, and what's a reasonable price to pay? Any advice appreciated Mark

started by: Ben-134031 · last update: 1155810111 · posted: 1150053396

Watched the game today and Nadel lifted the cup. Day of mourning in Switzerland no doubt.

started by: woody70-134086 · last update: 1153317851 · posted: 1153317851

Hi there, is somebody out there who would like to go together on some motorbike rides? I live close to Vevey........though have lived here for almost 2 years, don't know the area yet!

started by: robbiefowler-133985 · last update: 1152622244 · posted: 1152611056

Just read that Spurs are playing OCG Nice in Annemasse on Friday, anyone have more info, where can I get tickets??

started by: Bodders-133989 · last update: 1151664958 · posted: 1151511718

Ok, so my parents can have a couple of days golfing and watching golf but can someone tell me when the Toour de France is on and whether it comes near here??

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