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Hi I mentioned a while ago that my folks were coming over and I was trying to think of things for them to do. They are both keen golfers and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice course for them to play, and what they need to do/wear, how much for visitors Green fees etc.

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So, this is the big match for our region, kicks off at 18:00 tomorrow? Any predictions? Where will be the best places to go to watch it?

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I heard that Togo aren't going to play their match against Switzerland today is this true? marine

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Can someone please tell me where I can escape from all of this soccer madness....As an American I always knew the Europeans were 'different' but this is crazzzzzy! It is everywhere, in the shops on the TV and radio, I love being here but for God's sake it has not even started yet!

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Hi I was just wondering which bars will be showing the FA cup final in the area, preferably with English commentary!

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Is it true that Martina Hingis has started playing tennis again? I thought she'd retired years ago. May

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Does anyone know when the Swiss will be playing their first match? I'm not the biggest football fan but I do enjoy watching the World Cup May

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Can anyone recommend a good gym in the town centre, definitely need to get back into shape before the summer! Jimbo

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Now that the weather is getting better I want to start hiking again. Does anyone know of any hiking / walking clubs in the region. Preferably taking place at the weekend as I work in the week. Thanks

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Being American I'm missing my basketball now that I'm here, Anyone know of any Basketball clubs or clubs for baseball or American football in the Geneva area? I'm basically lloking for any team sports that wii remind me of home. Thanks

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I know it's the Geneva marathon next weekend but I don't feel ready yet for 26 miles! Does anyone know if it is possible to do a half marathon and if so, is there still time to register? Mark

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