Music: DJ & Clubbing

Bypass from Aug 18th 2017
Themed nights in designer and hip surroundings. Admission fee depends on the theme night.
Monte-Cristo Club from Aug 18th 2017
Latin, reggaeton and Brasil music. Decor is described as Tiérra Mitica.Admission Price: CHF 30-40. 3 drinks included.
Moa Club from Aug 18th 2017
2 Dance floors with renowned International DJ's founded by friends for clubbers and electronic music enthusiasts. Music: all styles including house, electro and trance.Admission: CHF 15-25.
Halle W from Aug 18th 2017
Techno club with some of the best known Internationally DJs.
Le Francis from Aug 18th 2017
Music catering for all styles of groovers. Cosy surrounds Venue: Le Francis, Boulevard Helvétique 8 , 1206 Geneva Time: 7/7, +41 (0)22 346 32 52
X-S Club from Aug 18th 2017
Music on a Friday and Saturday catering to all styles in a decorated old cellar. Admission: CHF 20
Blue Night from Aug 18th 2017
All styles of music from the 60's to the 80's. Free Admission: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Admission on Friday and Saturday CHF 20 (drink included)
Chinese Man from Oct 19th 2017 to Oct 19th 2017
Live performance from the elctro hip hop and rap group as they blend Led Zeppelin with the Fugees.
Club Meteo from Aug 3rd 2017 to Sep 4th 2017
An evening of ambient, tribe, gabber, electro, R'n'B and rap with Witold & Boe Strummer.Entrance 10 CHF
Let's Groove with DJ Scalpa from Aug 4th 2017 to Sep 5th 2017
An evening of R'n'B, hip hop and dancehall with DJ Scalpa.Entrance 10 CHF