Walks & Visits

Spa of the Bisses from Fri 16th Dec to Sun 30th Apr
Do you love Spas? If so, you might want to head to the Spa of the Bisses that, for this winter season, have some amazing offers to go for. A great thing for all those who are looking to relax in the most chilling atmosphere ever. Make sure you’re part of the big enjoyment.    
Are you dreaming to visit Thailand? If so, make sure you’re making the most out of your spring break and get ready to visit your “dream” country. Not only you’ll have the opportunity to explore such an exotic place, but also you are likely to have the fun of your life.  
Discover the magic of the wildlife through the amazing exhibition that is now available at the museum.  Find-out more about the wildlife migration. Find-out more about the “protected” animals such as: a lynx, a bat or a sweet “deer”. Discover the secrets of the sacred forest.  
Zombie Walk 2017 Fri 27th Oct
There are many amazing things happening in Zurich. Make sure you’re part of the ones that you like most. For example, the Zombie walk is always a great thing to go for. This is your opportunity not only to have fun, but also meeting other peers that share the same passion as yours.
Summer Dien- Yoga Retreat Costa Rica from Sun 16th Apr to Sun 23rd Apr
Whether you love practicing yoga or, more than that, you are a yoga teacher that loves sharing her/his knowledge, you are invited to embark into an excellent yoga journey that will take place in Costa Rica. Get to know more about the lifestyle in Costa Rica while you’re relaxing with some yoga ses...
“Where are you?” from Sat 10th Dec to Sun 23rd Apr
Are you curious to know more about how people where able to define a position in old times? If so, please make sure you’re heading immediately to the museum in order to discover more about the many instruments that were used during time to define locations. From the stars, mountain, and clock to...