Air Conditioning & Heating

Absolute Airconditioning LTD
Skilled in the assembly of air-conditioning systems and air conditioning solutions including; supply and installation, repairs, service and maintenance. Located at 31 Governors Parade, Unit G.
Air Conditioning, refrigeration, catering mechanics, extraction and ventilation. Located at 56/10 City Mill Lane.
General Construction Ltd
Air-conditioning, refurbishments, plaster and plastering, concrete and refined finished concrete, welding and steel works, building contractors, false ceilings, plumbing, masonry, painting, roofing, tiling. Located in College Lane.
Mifsud Electrofreeze Ltd
Air-conditioning & refrigeration, catering equipment, lift suppliers and installers and electrical engineers. Located at 32 New Harbours Deck, New Harbours.
Comofco Consultants Ltd
Construction and commissioning of electrical and mechanical systems. Air-conditioning, fire and normal ventilation systems, heating systems, lifts, pumped systems, swimming pools
Cooling & Heating Comfort
Air conditioner supply, installation, technical services and contract maintenance. Located at Cornwall´s Lane 3-1.
Independant Air conditioning LTD
Supply, installation, maintenance and repairs of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems. Ductwork and air moving system. Fire Suppression Systems and repair of car air conditioning systems. Located at Lathbury Barracks, Industrial Estate.
Cold-Aire Engineering LTD
Air-conditioning installation and maintenance. Provide air-conditioning units and heaters. Daikin. Located at Rosia.
Rock Cool Ltd
Air-conditioning, heating, cooling, refrigeration and catering. Supply installation and maintenance. Located Rockcliff House, 16/4 Halifax Road.
R&J Refrigeration
Supply, install and service kitchen, bathroom and heating appliances, air-conditioning systems and latest technologies. Located at G17 Europa Business Centre or 18 Town Range.